freckle cream

Many people like freckles, but mostly those who do not have them. But women who have felt the beauty of skin hyperpigmentation on their own faces would prefer to get rid of it. Freckle cream can solve this problem, but not all cosmetics are equally effective.

What cream helps with freckles?

Our mothers and grandmothers used Achromin cream against freckles. This is indeed a very effective remedy, however, in its composition hydroquinone is a chemical component that inhibits the synthesis of melanin, but at the same time belongs to potential carcinogens. You can, of course, use the drug at your own peril and risk, but there are less radical means.

Freckle whitening cream can be found in almost all major cosmetic companies – from Avon to Lancome, but it is preferable to look for a remedy for pigmentation among pharmacy cosmetics:

  • Uriage;
  • Vichy;
  • La Roche Posay;
  • Aven.

These are quite expensive, but they are completely safe. The composition is predominantly acid, so do not forget that freckle cream should be applied only at night, and use sunscreen cosmetics during the day.

There are very worthy products in this category, manufactured by domestic companies. The price for them is significantly lower than for the brands listed above:

  • “Whitening cream” from Cora;
  • “Day cream for freckles and age spots” from Vitex;
  • protective cream “Barrier”;
  • “Snow White” from Biokon and others.

Many girls ventured to try the Chinese cream for freckles “Green Tea”. Like all Asian cosmetics, it is very effective, but often provokes allergies.

best freckle cream

You can only find out which cream helps with freckles best freckle creamfrom my own experience, since the tendency of the skin to pigmentation is different for everyone. Iherb night cream can be used to combat freckles and age spots. It contains only natural ingredients, and the effectiveness is confirmed by many reviews. The main active ingredient is kojic acid. It acts on the deep layers of the skin and starts the regenerative process. As a result, old freckles gradually disappear, and new ones do not appear.

We would like to remind you that it is best to start the fight against freckles in February, when they are the least on the face. By starting prevention in time, you will prevent the appearance of pigmentation with an increase in solar activity in the spring.