base for eye shadow

It is the base under the shadows that will be an excellent guarantee of lasting makeup and will save you from the problem of rolling decorative cosmetics. Thanks to her, the makeup will appear fresh, as if it had just been applied.

Eye shadow base

To date, there are many brands that produce high-quality foundation for the eyelids. The most popular and fairly affordable are the series:

  • art deco;
  • Lumene;
  • beyu;
  • Nyx;
  • essence;
  • Mary Kay.

The base itself is a translucent substance that should be applied to the eyelids. Thanks to this base, the shadows will look much brighter, and the eyeliner will lie very softly and evenly. At the same time, the product does not create a feeling of greasy or tightening, it is completely absorbed into the skin.

Makeup base can be:

  • liquid;
  • gel;
  • creamy.

It is worth saying that it is the creamy base that can additionally hide dark circles under the eyes or freckles, while the liquid and gel-like base is simply absorbed without adjustment.

How to use an eyeshadow base?

So, let’s look at how to apply the foundation under the shadows. Most often, a special sponge or spatula is sold along with the product, which should be used to collect a small amount of the base and apply to the upper and lower eyelids. In this case, the skin must be absolutely clean.

Some cosmetic products do not include such a sponge, and then you need to do it with your finger. In any case, it is best to blend the product on the skin with your hands. In this case, it is necessary not to stretch the skin in front of the eyes, but to lightly pat, so that the product is better absorbed. Then you should wait a few minutes for the base to take on the color of your skin, and after that apply shadows, draw with a pencil.

Please note that the amount of base you need to take is small, otherwise your makeup will look too sloppy and dirty.

How to replace the base under the shadows?

eyeshadow base

If you don’t have a good base at hand or you have run out of it, then you can use some tricks that can replace it:

  1. The most affordable option is to apply shadows in a wet way.
  2. Instead of a base, you can use foundation.
  3. To give the shadows shine and brightness, you can use black and white pencils as a base.
  4. You can apply makeup remover milk and let it dry, or, in extreme cases, use a lip balm.

When using lip gloss, remember that the product can cause an allergic reaction in the eyes.