Facial cushion - what is it and how to use it?

A novelty face cushion was invented in Korea, the beautiful ladies of the same Seoul will certainly grab a valuable sponge when leaving the house. Both tonal and corrective agents are produced, they are selected, taking into account the skin. There are also products for lips, eyebrows and eyelids – in different shapes and shades.

What is a cushion?

When the tool made itself known in the world of cosmetics a few years ago, many women had no idea that it was a cushion, and how it was better than the usual foundation or powder. Practice has shown that the product is not only better, but also much more practical. The name translated from English means “sofa cushion”, because the shape of the sponge resembles it. Today, European companies also offer such products.

More often in the form of cushions, BB-, CC-, and more recently DD-creams are produced. The pad is impregnated with a creamy texture or an antibacterial drug, differs in that:

  • put on the finger with a special loop;
  • absorbs a minimum of funds, so the makeup is even;
  • does not leave streaks and surpluses.

what is a cushion

What is the difference between a cushion and a foundation?

When given the choice of buying a face cushion or foundation, many women prefer the former. Sponges-pillows are much more comfortable, no need to think about how to evenly distribute the creamy texture over the skin. In addition, most cushions adjust to the complexion and provide additional care.

Cosmetologists note what a cushion is in cosmetics:

  • works as a balm, fluid and make-up base;
  • includes beneficial oils, thermal water and extracts;
  • nourishes tissues, removes inflammation and acne.

How is cushion different from powder?

Often women prefer cushion powder, it is more evenly distributed on the skin, corrects makeup faster and instantly reduces oily sheen. With a normal dermis, this remedy can be used separately, while with a problematic dermis, cosmetologists recommend laying it under a tonal foundation. It is important to guess with a shade, so you should ask for a sample before buying.

Cushion powders are divided into:

  • special matting;
  • moisturizing;
  • shimmers;
  • antiseptics.

What is the cushion for?

It is permissible to use the cushion cream at least every day, it has a very thin and light coating. In a few movements, you can hide bruises, pigmentation spots, reddening of tissues. For the best effect, it is worth fixing the layer with a corrector. You need to apply with light movements, blending well. Wash off with micellar water.

For a sea holiday, it is better to purchase a sun cushion, where the cream contains sun filters. In composition, they are lighter and more viscous, they work on the surface of the skin. These cushions include:

  • zinc oxide or titanium dioxide;
  • avobenzone or oxybenzone;
  • antioxidants.

Pros and cons of cushions

When choosing a face cushion, it is important to take skin tone into account. For an Asian type of face, yellowish-beige shades are needed, for a white one – light marble. This product has a light texture, evenly and accurately applied. It is also used as a concealer, you can treat moistened skin around the eyes or lay it as a base for evening makeup.

Benefits of tonal cushion:

  1. Economically consumed, compact, takes up little space in your purse.
  2. Provides a complex effect.
  3. It is convenient to use, the sponge, when pressed, turns the substance into an emulsion.
  4. Easily dosed in the right amount.

But along with the pluses, clients also note the disadvantages of cushions:

  1. Even the most expensive cushion foundation does not hide large blackheads.
  2. If you do not clean the sponge periodically, acne and inflammation appear on the skin.

Types of cushions

When applying a face cushion, it is important to take into account the characteristic features of the composition. All of them are 30% water, so if you overdo it, the skin is guaranteed a wet sheen, and not a beautiful, light glow. There are compositions with matting, when moisture quickly evaporates, only the tone remains. If the texture is denser, then the skin will be less able to breathe.

Products are divided into several types:

  1. Lightweight moisturizing cushion. Very soft texture, contains hydrating ingredients that remove dryness and dullness, nourish tissues.
  2. Antiseptic. The best cushion for oily skin, treats inflammation, acne, blocks the formation of new ones.
  3. Shimmery. The composition contains small reflective particles, pinkish or golden, which give a beautiful shine. More often, mother-of-pearl is used for inclusions.
  4. Mattifying. Removes greasy shine due to absorbents in the cream. Not recommended for dry skin as it enhances exfoliation.

Cushion – blush

cushion blush

The times when ladies wondered what it was – a face cushion, have already passed, but Korean manufacturers do not get tired of surprising potential customers. Cushions appeared on the cosmetics market in the form of powder, eye shadow and blush, which are not inferior to conventional sets in terms of economy and ease of use. Cushion-blush does not require a special brush, just one pillow-sponge is enough.

Such blush may contain components that protect from the hot rays of the sun, or antioxidants. How to use face cushion blush:

  1. Apply the pigment to the cheekbones with driving movements.
  2. Shade if necessary.
  3. One layer gives a light shade, for an expressive blush you need several layers of the product.

Lip cushion

When the developers of the novelty realized that cream pads were in great demand, they decided to offer cushion lipstick as well. This is a small tube with a liquid composition and a sponge at the end instead of a stick or brush. A clear advantage – does not look too bright on the lips, emphasizes natural makeup. It also allows you to maintain a slight blur in the corners of the lips. The sponge misses a minimum of lipstick, so there will be no excess that has to be washed with napkins.

Characteristic features of cushion lipstick:

  1. Inconvenient to use without a mirror.
  2. Lips are recommended to be covered with foundation beforehand, as the texture flakes off.
  3. Shake the bottle before use.
  4. Under matte lipstick, you can apply a moisturizing balm.
  5. The product is smeared from the inner edges of the lips and shaded to the outer borders.
  6. By pressing the sponge, you can adjust the intensity of the shade.
  7. The cushion lipstick stays on for a long time without drying out the lips.

Eyebrow cushion

Another novelty from the series of cushions is a tool for eyelids and eyebrows. The sponge guarantees excellent shading, it is recommended to choose the shade according to the color of the hair. Well-groomed eyebrows make the face brighter, younger, so the demand for such cushions is constantly growing. When choosing, it is important to take into account that the shades on the palette and on the swatch are different, so it is better to test the color in advance on the skin of the hand.

Eyebrow Cushion Features:

  1. Lies down evenly.
  2. Creates a dense tint layer, a very resistant formula.
  3. Different shades can be combined to create an individual color scheme.

Recommended Best Korean Eyebrow Cushions:

  • Essence Cubanita – a jar with a sponge soaked in gel;
  • Holika Holika – pen with a sponge at the end, suitable for wide eyebrows.

Eye cushion

Korean developers have also come up with such an original cosmetic product as cushion eyeshadow, a double-sided pencil with pads at the ends. Sponge color is applied to the eyelid and shaded. Under evening make-up, the shade will be distributed much better if you first apply a persistent foundation on the eyelids, and then fix it with powder.

How to choose a cushion?

Although Koreans invented cushions, other European companies also offer quality samples to clients. Due to microdosing, the product is absorbed instantly, leaving no residue. Due to the airy texture, the cream does not look like a mask. No brush or sponge required for application. All creams in the cushion additionally guarantee good protection from bright rays.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the composition, the best cushions are those that are correctly selected:

  1. For oily skin, cosmetologists advise buying Korean products that even out the relief, mattify the face, and provide long-lasting makeup.
  2. With dry or normal skin, it is better to purchase products from European companies. In these cushions, the cream is closer to the fluids, covering the skin with a light veil. Includes moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.
  3. For the summer, it is worth buying moisturizing formulations, for the winter – with oils and plant extracts.

face cushion rating

These products are offered in a wide selection, but you need to select the option not by price, but by composition. It is also very important to properly care for the product. It is required to wash the sponge once every couple of days, with hydrophilic oil. Clean the storage compartment with alcohol wipes. Some companies separate the pillow from the sponge in the set with a plastic jumper, which makes the product more hygienic to use.

Rating of the best goods:

  1. Protective cushion “Missha”. Well moisturizes, removes greasy shine, provides protection from burning rays. Ingredients: bamboo hydrolat, baobab, witch hazel, rose water. Removes irritation, masks a slight rash. Additionally, the dermis is nourished with rosehip, avocado, and olive oils. Separate light and natural beige.
  2. Cushion HoliPop Blur Lasting Cushion. Designed for oily skin, smoothes and mattifies well, hides pimples. Contains extracts of lily and lotus that refresh, peach that softens the skin, cherry that activates tissue renewal. And lecithin returns elasticity. Shades are offered 3: light beige, beige-pink shade, sandy-beige.
  3. Cushion Gudetama Lazy & Easy Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB. Powerfully protects against rays, contains particles of coral and pearls that reflect light and even out tone. Argan oil makes the dermis softer, and adenosine tightens it, purslane extract tightens the pores. The set includes 2 sponges and a refill, shades – light and natural beige.

How much cushion is enough?

The cushion foundation is consumed much more economically than the composition in tubes, although it contains less substance in terms of the number of milliliters of the substance. It all depends on the frequency of use, the effect of a matting composition lasts for several hours, and moisturizing – all day. It is important that the sponge does not dry out, then the product will last much longer. The goods of European firms are used more economically, since their texture is lighter, while the Asian composition is denser.

How to use the face cushion?

how to use face cushion

To make the cushion cream look neat and natural, it must be applied correctly. You can blend with a brush, but professional makeup artists prefer to do it pointwise, with their fingers. The tone will be even if you pre-smear the skin with a moisturizer and let it absorb for a couple of minutes. This will make it easier to refresh individual zones later.

Tips on how to properly apply cushion on the face:

  1. Drive the product into the skin in small portions.
  2. Blend from top to bottom.
  3. First, tint the forehead – to the temples, then draw the outline.
  4. The next gesture is to grab the cheeks, nose, around the eyes.
  5. Set with mattifying powder.

How to make a cushion at home?

High-quality cushions are expensive, but skilled women have figured out how to make such a useful foundation on their own. You need a clean cushion or a simple sponge, but it is better to choose a mixture for the composition. For example, combine 2-3 tonal foundations or a BB cream with a primer, a toner with a sunscreen is also suitable. There are many options, the main thing is that the mixture is suitable for the type of skin.

An important rule is that the less components are included, the better the cream will lie on the face. How to create your own cushion:

  1. Mix cream ingredients.
  2. Pour the mixture into a sponge.
  3. Press lightly with a spatula.