facial bronzer

Influenced by the fashion for chocolate tan, girls have a need for bronzers, which are used to create a tan effect.

They are a dark-colored powder, to which some manufacturers add reflective particles.

Despite the fact that a rich tan is no longer in fashion, the need for bronzers remains, because girls use them to correct the face and give it a natural shade, which is impossible to achieve with a single tone of powder.

Bronzer allows you to create relief, although initially a special corrector for the face was used for this.

Overview of bronzer powder from different manufacturers

We structure our review by price category from cheap to expensive.


From this brand you can find one of the cheapest bronzers, which is two shades of powder: a light shade contains light-reflecting particles, and a dark shade is matte. The only downside to this bronzer is the price. It lays down in a thick layer, and the dark shade does not look like chocolate, but red.

Vivienne Sabo

This French manufacturer has inexpensive cosmetics, and the bronzer is no exception. It is a compact brown powder with fine sparkles. Despite the price range, this is a fairly high-quality product that looks natural on the skin, blends well and has a cool shade of brown without a red tint. The only negative of this tool can be found by lovers of natural makeup – sparkles that are visible in bright light.


This cosmetic brand presents bronzers of different saturation. The powder lays down evenly, has a natural brown tint and gives the skin a glow. This is an economical choice, because bronzer consumption is minimal with a large package.


facial bronzer how to apply

Chanel has a set of bronzers with different shades and saturation of colors, which allows you to make makeup depending on the lighting conditions and the event.

How to apply bronzer for the face?

Bronzer is applied with light strokes of a slanted fluffy brush. It is applied after powder and then shaded to avoid sharp color transitions.

Before applying the bronzer, you need to correctly select the areas of darkening according to the laws of sculpting: too wide parts should be darkened at the edges, and unexpressed cheekbones should be highlighted with a thin line on the zygomatic cavity in the middle of the cheek.

How to use a bronzer for the face and not only?

When using a bronzer, it is desirable to paint not only the face – the cheekbones and at the hairline, but also the neck, as well as the hands, so that the impression of a brown face is not created.