face primer

primer – This is the base applied under makeup. Primer today is an indispensable lifesaver for many women. It allows you to even out the surface of the skin, after which the makeup falls smoothly and evenly. Today, there are a number of primers for the face, the best of which each lady chooses for herself due to the characteristics of her skin. Consider the basics that you need to know before you start using this tool.

How to use the primer

If you have a question about how to use a face primer, you must first of all be guided by the instructions for use supplied by the manufacturer. This cosmetic product is a fairly liquid or creamy mass that easily falls on the skin of the face, forming a protective layer that prevents the skin from losing excess moisture, and also levels its porous surface. The general rules for applying primer to the face are as follows:

  1. It is better to stock up on a special concealer brush, thanks to which the layer will be more uniform.
  2. It must be applied to clean, dry skin (if a moisturizer was used, then you need to wait for it to be completely absorbed).
  3. The movements during application should be patting and driving.
  4. In the eye area, it is applied only to the upper eyelids.
  5. On the lips, a specially designed primer is applied very thinly.
  6. The primer for eyelashes should also be applied very thinly (it is better to choose a transparent primer so that the makeup looks neater).

Types of primers for the face

All professional primers are divided into several types, which are most often found in cosmetics stores. They are classified as follows:

  1. In composition:
  • silicone;
  • mineral.
  • By appointment:
    • for eyelids;
    • for lips;
    • for the face matting;
    • facial moisturizing;
    • face tinted;
    • for eyelashes.

    The silicone primer for the face, judging by the name, is based on silicone. For example, the primer from Code Color “Perfect make-up base”, which perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin thanks to additional components. This type of primer is designed to be applied under foundation.

    Mineral face primer is used to create a layer under the mineral tonal foundation, which will be applied in the next step. A great example here would be Primer Airy from Era Minerals.

    DIY face primer

    The choice of primers on the market is very large. We can say that for many women both types of this remedy are suitable. However, in the case when the cost of the primer is not quite affordable, you can make it yourself. For sure, in this case, this will be the best face primer for you. Here you can make a primer in the form of powder:

    1. For mature skin – silk-based powder, which mattifies the skin, has an antibacterial effect and gives the skin a silky sheen.
    2. For oily skin – powder based on clay (kaolin), corn starch and rice powder with zinc oxide, which guarantees a preventive anti-inflammatory effect.
    3. how to apply primer on face

    4. For acne-prone skin, green tea powder is suitable for night and day use.
    5. The microsphere silica included in the powder will have a light scattering effect, visually smoothing wrinkles and evening out skin tone.

    If you are interested in the question of which face primer is best, then the best thing to do here is to try several types of primers on yourself, choosing, in the end, the one that suits you specifically. In order not to spend too much, you can take the help of friends who have already had experience using the primer and try their version of this tool for yourself.