Eyeliner felt-tip pen

Today, such an integral touch in makeup as arrows is in fashion. There are a huge variety of them, and each woman chooses cosmetics that allow her to perform exactly the type of lines that suits her. The pen eyeliner is a versatile way to draw arrows because it’s easy to use, economical, and provides any kind of drawing.

Eyeliner pen

The type of cosmetic product under consideration is a thin rod made of a special impregnable material connected to a capsule containing a coloring matter. Thus, the permanent is spent sparingly and lasts for a long time.

Some women complain that the waterproof felt-tip eyeliner dried up literally after 2 uses. In such cases, there are three options:

  • loose fit of the cap;
  • low-quality cosmetics;
  • outdated plumbing.

Therefore, when buying, be sure to pay attention to the integrity of the felt-tip pen, the expiration date, purchase only high-quality eyeliner from trusted manufacturers.

The advantages of such products are the quick drying of the paint on the skin, which prevents smearing, imprinting and wiping.

How to use a highlighter?

The application of cosmetics is no different from drawing arrows with a pencil – first you should draw a thin line along the upper eyelid, closer to the growth of eyelashes. Then you need to carefully draw an arrow, connect its end to the beginning of the previously drawn curve and shade it.

To get a rich color, it is recommended to apply eyeliner in several layers, optimally – in 2 or 3.

A felt-tip pen eyeliner is also very convenient for highlighting the lower eyelid, as it allows you to draw a very thin and neat line, both by hatching and continuous application.

Which eyeliner is better?

Among the variety of brands presented on the cosmetology market, women prefer the following:

  • dive;
  • Oriflame;
  • l’oreal;
  • Avon;
  • which eyeliner marker is better

  • Bourjois;
  • gosh;
  • Christian Dior;
  • YSL;
  • art deco.

Reviews show that the listed companies produce persistent felt-tip pens that do not smudge or print, do not dry out or crumble during the day. In addition, most of these products are not affected by sweat and rain, but at the same time are easily removed with makeup remover milk.