Eyelash extensions fox effect

What woman does not want to have beautiful, expressive eyes. But, alas, nature has not endowed everyone with long thick eyelashes, and even with mascara, the situation is not always corrected. This is why eyelash extensions are in high demand. The extension may differ in the type, material used, as well as in the effect that is achieved with its help. For example, if you want to change your look, add some zest to it, eyelash extensions with a fox, squirrel or doll effect can help.

Types and materials for eyelash extensions

  1. Beam method. A bundle of 5-7 synthetic lashes is attached to each eyelash. You can wear such eyelashes for no longer than 10 days, and they do not look too natural.
  2. Eyelash method (aka “Japanese”, or “3d technology”). Additional eyelashes are attached individually. They can last up to three months and look quite natural.

eyelash extension effects

  1. Extended eyelashes – natural effect. In this case, the eyelashes look as impressive as possible. For extension use artificial eyelashes of two lengths. Shorter ones are attached starting from the inner corner of the eye, up to about a third of its length, and then longer ones are used.
  2. natural effect

  3. Extended eyelashes – fox effect. Such an extension helps to give the look languor and sensuality, makes the eyes look visually more elongated. The latter is especially in demand among owners of round eyes. To achieve a fox effect, eyelashes of several lengths are used. Short, which gradually lengthen – at the inner corner of the eye, and the longest – at the outer corner.
  4. fox effect

  5. Partial extension (fox look). The eyelash extension technique is the same as for getting the fox effect in general, but is used with fairly thick own eyelashes. The extension is performed either by attaching several dozen elongated eyelashes to the outer corner of the eye, or by extension approximately from the middle of the upper eyelid with a gradual increase in length.
  6. sparse effect

  7. puppet effect. Fix eyelashes of the maximum length on all eye.

puppet effect

Whatever extension effect you choose, it will help create your image, as well as save time, since there will be no need to use mascara.