eyelash extension

Almost every girl dreams of having long and thick eyelashes. For some, one way or another, this desire remains just a dream. Each is given his own, and you can’t get away from Nature. But thanks to the existence of the latest cosmetology technologies, there is no reason to be upset.

What is eyelash extension?

Now you can do a special eyelash extension and feel great, even without daily makeup. With this extension, you can increase the length of the eyelashes and their density. After that, your look will become more expressive, and your eyes will visually increase. Not always even the best mascara will give the same effect. Therefore, in this case, it remains only to choose which eyelash extensions are best for extension, so that the result is magnificent.

eyelash extension technology

Perhaps this method of extension is the most effective and high-quality, in contrast to the beam extension. This technique is also called silk extension, it is durable and practical. Extended eyelashes, therefore, do not need to be painted or additionally looked after. This is especially convenient for girls on vacation, when there is no particular desire and time for decorative cosmetics. You will not notice the puppet effect of eyelash extensions, because this technology works very carefully and as a result, the eyes look natural. Just do not overdo it with the length of the selected eyelashes, otherwise the picture will be ruined.

Eyelash extension technique provides for the absence of makeup on the eyelashes. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to degrease real eyelashes with a special preparation. The basic scheme is that an artificial eyelash is glued to each of its eyelashes. This is done using a special hypoallergenic resin. For extensions, you can choose cilia from mink, silk, kolinsky or sable. This is at the choice and discretion of the client. Also, the length can be chosen according to taste, because sometimes the desire for extension is not to make the eyelashes longer, but simply to make them visually thicker.

Eyelash extension secrets

  1. You should start building from the outer corner of the eye, while using longer cilia first, and then shorter ones.
  2. Apply an eyelash on top, not on the side of the real one.
  3. Lubricate the extension cilia with resin once, so as not to harm the eye with an excessive amount of resin.
  4. To keep the eyelashes as long as possible, when washing, do not use ordinary soap, but only special tonics for washing.
  5. If your eyelashes are of a light color, then before building it is recommended to dye them in the color of artificial eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions – care and recommendations

  1. In order to keep the eyelash extensions as long as possible, when washing them, they should not be rubbed hard, but only lightly blotted with a non-greasy makeup remover or water.
  2. Do not wash off makeup with greasy creams, this can ruin the resin and the cilia will begin to fall out.
  3. Extended eyelashes can not be painted with mascara, so in this case you can do with only eyeliner and, if desired, shadows.
  4. eyelash extension technique

  5. Eyelash extensions are not recommended to be curled with special scissors, this will lead to the loss of not only the extensions, but also your own eyelashes.
  6. Eyelash extension with silk “does not like” a lot of water. Therefore, if you are going on vacation at sea, it is better to choose a different material for eyelashes.
  7. After the extension procedure, it is not allowed to do steam baths for the face.
  8. If you already paint extended eyelashes, then only with ordinary mascara, since waterproof mascara requires thorough rinsing with special creams. Cream washing, as we remember, is contraindicated for eyelash extensions.