Eyelash biowave

Even with long thick eyelashes, many women remain dissatisfied with their appearance. There are many reasons for this – a different direction of hair growth, the absence of curved tips or bends along the entire length. All of these difficulties can be solved with the help of biowave eyelashes. What it is and how safe this procedure is, we will consider below.

How long does an eyelash perm last?

The life cycle of eyelashes is approximately 90 days. Thus, beautiful curls on the eyelashes last from 2 to 3 months. To maintain their beautiful shape and even direction of growth, it is recommended to make a correction, but not earlier than 6 days after biowave.

Biowave eyelashes and semi-permanent mascara

Often, after curling natural eyelashes, the hairs lighten a little. That is why the biowave procedure is usually combined with the application of semi-permanent mascara. This special coating allows you to make eyelashes 10-15% longer, as well as thicken them by 30-45%. In addition, the hairs acquire the perfect shade, the saturation of which can be adjusted as desired. The whole procedure takes up to 30 minutes when choosing the darkest color of the dye. Semi-permanent mascara lasts up to 3 weeks, does not wash off with water, conventional makeup removers and does not flow. The coating must be removed from the master in the cabin using a special composition.

What is natural eyelash perm?

The whole process takes no more than 50 minutes and consists of 5 stages:

  1. Thorough cleansing of eyelashes from mascara and other cosmetics. Winding each eyelash on small flexible curlers, most often silicone, the size of which is selected depending on the length of the hairs.
  2. Eyelash biowave 1

  3. Treatment of eyelashes with a special gel that fixes the hairs in the selected position.
  4. Eyelash biowave 2

  5. Washing of the biochemical composition without removing the curlers after 20-25 minutes.
  6. Eyelash biowave 3

  7. Treatment of eyelashes with a fixing liquid.
  8. Eyelash biowave 4

  9. Washing off the fixative with the removal of curlers 20-25 minutes after application.
  10. Eyelash biowave 5

Materials for biowave eyelashes are completely safe for eye health, they do not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. In addition, the gel and fixative liquid are applied from the middle of each hair to the tip, which avoids contact of the skin and mucous membranes with preparations.

Immediately after biowave eyelashes, you can return to your usual rhythm of life, the procedure does not cause any redness, or swelling, or allergic reactions.

Biowave eyelashes at home

First of all, it is worth noting that curling eyelashes on your own is very problematic. It is very difficult to relax the eyelid of only one eye when the other is open. Therefore, if you want to make an eyelash biowave exclusively at home, invite a master or at least use the help of a friend.

The procedure itself is quite simple and requires the purchase of several special devices: a soft silicone roller (its diameter should be 2 times larger than the length of the eyelashes),Biowave and semi-permanent mascara cleansers, softening eyelashes and fixing curls, safe glue for use on the body.

The sequence of actions corresponds to the salon procedure, the most important thing is to evenly and accurately fix the curlers (silicone roller) on the skin of the eyelid with glue. Active preparations should be applied with cotton swabs, preferably on a wooden base.

Eyelash care after biowave

Like any chemical procedure, eyelash curling requires special care for the hairs. It is advisable to apply warm castor oil to the eyelashes every day, massaging the eyelids. Remains of oil that has not been absorbed are removed with a clean, dry cloth.