eyebrows with a house

The beauty of the look is not just deep and expressive eyes, but also their frame – eyebrows, and eyebrows are considered one of the most attractive houses. This form is suitable for many people, and it can be easily done at home.

Who will suit eyebrows with a house?

The shape of the eyebrows with a house received such an ironic name because of the similarity with the sloping roof of buildings: it is triangular and with a sharp break. It is generally accepted that the shape of a woman’s eyebrows should match her face shape. This is true, because only in this way the whole image will acquire a complete expression. That is why, before you make the shape of the eyebrows a house, make sure that it suits you. It’s easy. Such a triangular shape is suitable only for those representatives of the fair sex, in whom the natural fracture is located closer to the middle. Of course, you can independently raise the corners of the eyebrows at the point you need, but in this case, the face will constantly look surprised.

A beautiful sharp bend, located in a natural place for it, will allow their owner to look younger. At the same time, he will give the image of determination. But if a woman has a round or diamond-shaped face, then it is better not to learn how to properly pluck her eyebrows with a house, as they will not blend well with other features and visually reduce the oval of the face.

Do you want to quickly determine whether such a shape is suitable? It’s easy! Carefully shade the entire line of the eyebrows with any shadows of a light shade, and then, armed with a regular cosmetic black or brown eyebrow pencil, draw the eyebrows with a house. Take a look in the mirror: you will immediately see if this shape suits you and whether it emphasizes the beauty of your face.

How to pluck your eyebrows with a house?

Before you beautifully pluck your eyebrows with a house, you need to carry out preparatory procedures: thoroughly cleanse your face with special cleansers, then take a steam bath or apply a warm compress to the eyebrow area, and then spray your skin with an anesthetic spray if you have a low pain threshold.

Next, you need to place the main points:

  1. The point at the beginning of the eyebrow – it should be in line with the wing of the nose.
  2. eyebrow shape house 1

  3. The break point – it must be placed on the line that starts on the wing of the nose and passes through the iris of the eye.
  4. eyebrow shape house 2

  5. The end point of the eyebrow is the point that is the end of the line that runs from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.
  6. eyebrow shape house 3

Having placed such points, you will immediately see how to properly pluck your eyebrows with a house, because all the hairs remaining outside them must be removed immediately. Just remove them evenly and constantly make sure that their width and shape remain natural, but make the tips a little thinner than the beginning. Long hair needs to be trimmed.

How to draw eyebrows with a house?

In some cases, even when a woman gives the correct shape to the eyebrow and removes all excess hair, the shape is ugly. It can be corrected, but for this, you need to know how to draw eyebrows with a house. You need to draw perfect eyebrows of such a triangular shape in the same way as plucking. But the tail is best made in such a shape that its head is not lowered too low.

To draw eyebrows with a house as accurately and quickly as possible, you need:

  1. Choose the right shade of pencil, which should match the color of the eyebrows.
  2. Sharpen the pencil so that it is sharp.
  3. Correct with a pencil not only the shape, but also make small strokes in places where there are no hairs.
  4. Shade the tail and the beginning of the eyebrows with matte shadows using a special brush.
  5. Apply a fixing gel to the eyebrows so that the curve retains its expressiveness for a long time.