Eyebrow shape for a square face

Everyone knows that the selection of haircuts, makeup and even jewelry depends on the shape of the face. An important role is also played by how the eyebrows look. With the help of their correctly chosen shape, you can visually enlarge the eyes, smooth out the effect of too close and wide-set eyes, soften sharp facial features, harmonize proportions, emphasize attractive areas and divert attention from minor imperfections. Let’s talk in more detail about what kind of eyebrow shape is needed for people with a square face shape.

Usually there are six shapes of eyebrows: straight, rounded (arc-shaped), curved in the shape of an arch, with a break, s-shaped and “house” (falling down). Depending on the shape of the face, the shape of the eyebrows is also selected. After all, the same type of them can, in one case, turn a woman into a beauty, and in another, emphasize flaws. By correctly adjusting the eyebrows according to the type of face, you can significantly bring it closer to the canonical oval.

What eyebrows suit a square face?

This face shape is characterized by the fact that it has approximately the same length, width and sharp features. This type of face is characterized by a fairly large lower jaw, wide cheekbones and forehead. In this case, the task of properly selected makeup is to soften sharp lines, visually stretch the face, and turn large features into more proportional ones. Smooth, rounded lines work best for this purpose.

Eyebrows for a square face should not be too long. It is recommended to make them raised and with rounded ends. Remember that a straight shape and falling eyebrows without a kink do not fit. Also, for this type of face, a rounded shape, arched in the form of an arch, is well suited.

The last option, especially relevant for strongly pronounced cheekbones, is that the break should be located in the center of the eye, above the pupil or closer to the outer edge. Also, with this face shape, s-shaped eyebrows look very advantageous.