Beautiful well-groomed eyebrows can effectively emphasize the natural attractiveness of the face. Unfortunately, the shape of the eyebrows is determined by nature, which is primarily aimed at functionality, and not aesthetic appeal. Therefore, many girls and women have to adjust the shape of their eyebrows on their own. To do this, patients perform various manipulations, such as eyebrow trading, hair removal with tweezers or shaving with a razor. But still one of the most effective procedures is laser hair removal of eyebrows. In our new article, we will tell you how it is carried out, whether you need to prepare for it, what contraindications it has and how to care for your eyebrows after the session. And in the final part of our today’s material, we will tell you in which cosmetology clinic in Moscow you can sign up for laser hair removal of eyebrows.

Eyebrow epilation

To correct the shape of the eyebrows with a laser, you must first prepare for the procedure. But the preparation does not require any complex manipulations. It will be enough to refuse any kind of tanning two weeks before the laser procedure on the eyebrows, since the skin for an effective procedure must be untanned and light. And before the session, you will need to consult a dermatocosmetologist.

Consultation before laser hair removal

At the consultation, you will receive all the necessary information about the upcoming procedure directly from the dermatocosmetologist: how the session will take place, how long it will last, what to do after it. In addition, at the consultation you can ask questions about laser hair removal of eyebrows. Also, the specialist will immediately interview and examine you in order to collect the necessary history, which includes information about the condition of the skin, its phototype, sensitivity, as well as the color of the eyebrow hairs. The doctor needs all this to determine the effectiveness of eyebrow hair removal in your particular case, to set up a laser device, and to draw up a course of laser hair removal procedures for eyebrows. In addition, during the consultation, the doctor will immediately check if you have contraindications to the procedure. Thus, laser hair removal of eyebrows is contraindicated for pregnant women, patients with oncological diseases, HIV, infectious skin diseases, diabetes mellitus, inflammatory processes on the skin or its damage in the treatment area. Also, the procedure is not carried out for people with swarthy or tanned skin. But if the specialist does not reveal any contraindications in you, then the procedure can be carried out immediately after the test is completed.

Eyebrow laser hair removal

Laser hair removal of eyebrows is usually carried out without the use of painkillers. The handpiece of the laser device has a special contact cooling, which prevents tissue overheating, respectively, pain and the risk of burns. But if you have a low pain threshold, then the procedure can be performed using application anesthesia – a cream or gel that is applied to the surface of the skin in the eyebrow area. To protect the eyes from laser flashes, both the specialist and the patient will need to wear special glasses. After all the preparations are completed, the doctor will begin the session of laser hair removal of the eyebrows. Since the treated area is small, the procedure does not require much time: on average, it takes about ten minutes. After the end of the session, the doctor will tell you what to do after the session, how to care for the skin in the eyebrow area, and also when to come for the next session.

Eyebrow laser hair removal: what to do after the session

Eyebrow epilation does not require recovery, so immediately after leaving the office of a dermatologist-cosmetologist, you can return to work, study or other daily activities. But to get the maximum result and avoid side effects, you need to follow the recommendations of a specialist:

  1. Cleanse the skin only with gentle methods, do not rub hard in the treated area.
  2. Do not sunbathe in the solarium and on the beach for the first 15 days after the session. You will also need to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50 units.
  3. Do not remove hairs in the treated area: do not pull them out, do not shave, etc.

Also, the doctor can give individual prescriptions after laser hair removal of the eyebrows. They also need to be followed.

How else can you shape your eyebrows?

Laser hair removal is not the only way to correct the shape of the eyebrows. Other procedures are also used to change the form. We list the main ones:

  • Eyebrow trading. This procedure is carried out with the help of threads, nothing else is required. The ends of the thread are tied together, after which the resulting loop is twisted in the form of a figure eight. Then the resulting twist is moved and scrolled in the area that needs to be corrected. At the twisting point, the thread grabs the hair and pulls it out by the root. Eyebrow trading allows you to remove thin and short (from two millimeters) hairs. The procedure is suitable for removing a large number of hairs at once. To remove individual hairs, you should use other procedures.
    Before the procedure, the skin is prepared. First, it must be treated with an antiseptic or lotion. After that, the eyebrows are powdered. This is done for better adhesion of hairs and threads. To reduce discomfort, you can apply an anesthetic to the skin or briefly apply ice.
    After threadlifting, reddening of the skin is possible. But this is a normal reaction, especially since the redness disappears on its own within a few hours. The result of eyebrow trading lasts approximately one month, after which the procedure can be repeated again.
  • Removal with tweezers. One of the simplest procedures that almost every girl or woman has carried out at least once in her life. To correct the eyebrows, ordinary tweezers are used, which capture the hair, after which it is torn out. It is not recommended to capture several hairs at once, as this can cause pain. Plucking with tweezers is ideal for removing a small amount of free-standing hairs.
    Complex preparation for plucking eyebrows with tweezers is not required. First you will need to remove makeup, disinfect the skin in the eyebrow area and the tweezers themselves. To do this, you can use alcohol, lotion, chlorhexidine, or any other anesthetic. Since the procedure may be accompanied by discomfort, before the session, you can prepare the skin so that it does not hurt so much. This can be done in several ways. First, steam the skin for 10-15 minutes to expand the pores. Secondly, you can pre-apply ice or apply an anesthetic.
  • Wax removal. For the procedure, soft wax (cold or hot) is used, which is applied to the area from which excess hairs will need to be removed. After that, a strip of paper or cloth is applied to the wax. When the wax hardens, the strip abruptly breaks off along with the hairs. The procedure is more suitable for the complete removal of brow hairs or brow hairs.
    Before the session, complex preparation is not required: it will be enough to remove makeup in advance and disinfect the skin with a modern antiseptic. If you have a low pain threshold, then before the procedure it will be possible to apply an anesthetic in the form of a gel or cream to the skin. It is worth remembering that if you do not follow the procedure, you can get burned from hot wax.

It is better to choose the most suitable procedure together with a specialist.

Where to sign up for laser hair removal of eyebrows in Moscow

In the capital, laser hair removal of eyebrows is performed at the Laser Doctor clinic. Also here you can sign up for an initial appointment and a professional consultation with a dermatologist-cosmetologist of the clinic. To eliminate hair in the eyebrow area, a modern alexandrite laser IRRADIA TRIPLE is used, which has all the necessary certificates and permits from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. You can make an appointment for laser hair removal or for an initial appointment before it by phone or through the clinic’s website using the electronic appointment form.