evening makeup for gray eyes

Gray eye color, being the most common, at the same time is the most suitable shade for embodying a variety of makeup ideas. Gray eyes are chameleon eyes that can “light up” with new shades depending on the lighting, hair color, wardrobe and makeup style. Thanks to this, gray-eyed women have the opportunity to conduct original experiments with their appearance and look different every day. We bring to your attention several ideas for a beautiful evening make-up for gray eyes.

Festive makeup for gray eyes

Solemn occasions, parties and other events when you should have an elegant look involve the creation of a bright and expressive make-up. Moreover, festive and evening makeup is not exactly the same thing, because. A festive make-up should look advantageous at any time of the day. One of the universal and simple options for this type of makeup for gray eyes is the use of shades of a rich blue palette with a combination of white tones. These shades will help to focus on the eyes, give the look depth and attentiveness.

When applying makeup with blue and white shadows, the former should be applied to the entire surface of the moving eyelid, and the latter to the inner corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows. To highlight the contour of the eyes, it is recommended to use brown or black eyeliner, which can be slightly shaded. Eyelashes can be painted over with blue, gray or black mascara. It is also necessary to pay attention to the eyebrows, emphasizing their curve.

New Year’s makeup for gray eyes

Glitter, freshness, festivity will be added to the magical New Year’s Eve by eye makeup, made in silver tones. This evening makeup looks great for pure gray eyes, as well as gray-green, gray-blue, as well as other shades of this color.

When creating a silvery make-up, you can combine silvery shades of various saturations, as well as combine this color with other shades – for example, with light matte or mother-of-pearl shades (white, pale pink, cream) and matte shades of green and blue tones.

To add brightness and originality to such makeup, you can use a special shimmering gloss that is applied over the mascara to the eyelashes (mascara color is classic black, gray or another, combined with the chosen second shade of shadows). You can also use eyeliner rich silver or gray.

Oriental makeup for gray eyes

Quite unusual and looks very attractive for gray eyes makeup, made in oriental style. It is both elegant and sexy makeup that allows you to create a captivating and intriguing look. One of the advantages of oriental makeup for gray-eyed girls is, again, that the choice of colors in this case can be the widest.

The contour of the eyes should be emphasized with jet-black eyeliner, giving the eyes an almond shape and drawing arrows (you can direct arrows on both the upper and lower eyelids). To enhance the natural color of the eyes, you need to use gray, silver or blue shadows, and to create a bright contrast – brown, lilac, beige, golden. The only thing to avoid when creating makeup for gray eyes is terracotta, yellow and hot pink shades of eyeshadow, which will give the eyes a tired, tear-stained look.

The final touch is the application of black mascara. It is advisable to use mascara that adds volume to the eyelashes and apply it to pre-curled eyelashes.