Evening makeup for brown eyes

Evening makeup is significantly different from the more restrained and natural daytime. It is brighter, more catchy, because it is designed for a certain situation and, in most cases, for artificial lighting. In addition, eye-catching clothes and accessories for going out are chic, sometimes extravagant, and require appropriate makeup so that the face does not get lost against the background of clothes.

General rules for applying evening makeup for brown eyes

  1. In addition to color, you need to consider the shape of the eyes. So, overly dark and saturated shades, thick eyeliner are not suitable for small eyes, and smoke eye makeup can turn a woman with narrow, albeit expressive, eyes into a kind of Chinese woman.
  2. Always consider the conditions of the place where you will be. For example, in a restaurant with bright lighting, a thick layer of shadows and wide arrows will look vulgar, while in the flickering lighting of a nightclub, bright brown eye makeup, on the contrary, will make you attractive. You should be especially careful if the festive makeup for brown eyes is not designed for the evening, but for an event taking place in daylight. In this case, it is advisable to avoid overly juicy and contrasting shades, making the makeup a little more saturated than the usual daytime one.
  3. While the emphasis is on the eyes, skin and hair color must also be considered. Some shades may look bad on light skin or get lost on dark skin. In addition, before taking care of the eyes, it is important to achieve an even complexion of the skin of the face, apply a foundation, and if necessary, use a corrector.

Makeup color selection

It can be said that the owners of brown eyes are lucky, since it is very difficult to find a shade that would not fit under their eyes, but certain nuances in the selection of makeup colors are also present here:

  1. In makeup for blondes with brown eyes, it is recommended to choose dark pink, beige, sand, green shades.
  2. For women with brown eyes and dark skin, olive and brown tones are preferred.
  3. In makeup for brunettes with brown eyes, black, brown, chocolate, pale pink, silver, and fuchsia will look good.

Evening makeup options for brown eyes

  1. Evening make-up in the style of smoky eyes. Smoky makeup is characterized by the absence of hard lines. As a base, light shadows are applied to the upper eyelid. Then both the lower and upper eyelids are emphasized with a dark pencil along the lash line, thickening to the outer edge of the eye. The contour is shaded with black shadows and a brush, and the border of black shadows is shaded with a lighter (gray or purple) color. Try to blend the shadows towards the outer edge of the eye. The main thing is that the transition between colors should be smooth. Apply light matte shadows under the eyebrows. After that, apply two or three layers of eyelashes.
  2. Arabic makeup. More suitable for girls with relatively dark or tanned skin and large eyes, as it is distinguished by brightness and saturation of colors. Eyebrows should be clearly drawn, they need to be slightly lengthened on both sides. It is best to use mother-of-pearl shadows of two or three catchy shades. In Arabic makeup for brown eyes, it is best to use combinations such as blue and blue, yellow and green, red and brown. The contour of the eye is completely outlined in black, then black shadows are applied and slightly shaded. The rest of the colors are applied next. Lipstick in oriental makeup should be mother-of-pearl, muted soft tones.

And finally, let’s mention the color orange. It is not recommended to use it in evening makeup for brown eyes, and in general it is worth observing moderation, since it is extremely difficult to choose the right shade and apply shadows so that the makeup looks good.