evening makeup for blue eyes

Evening makeup can be different – bright and muted, classic and original, seductive and restrained. The choice of make-up style depends, of course, on the nature of the event – for example, it is difficult to imagine a bride with dramatic eyelashes and blue, crimson and yellow shadows.

You also need to create makeup taking into account the size of the eyes, because there are techniques that visually enlarge the eyes, and there are those that visually reduce them.

Makeup for big blue eyes

A confident look with wide blue eyes is already half the success in creating evening makeup. Girls who are lucky enough to have big blue eyes will have to make a minimum of effort to make a good evening make-up.

In this makeup for blue eyes, it is better to use arrows – they are universal in terms of style, but they can visually reduce the eyes, and therefore, in this case, they fit perfectly. You can also use smokey eyes to make your eyes look even bigger.

Makeup for blondes

Makeup for blue eyes blondes consists of muted shades: purple, warm brown and blue. These colors are suitable for blue irises and visually reduce if not used in combination with light shades. But since it makes no sense to visually enlarge the eyes, the use of only dark shades will come in handy – they will emphasize the depth of the color of the iris.

You can also make a combined version – draw black arrows and shade the outer corner of the eye with one of these colors. Pair this eye makeup with warm pink lip gloss.

Makeup for brunettes

Dark makeup for blue eyes is ideal for brunettes. Hands with granite, black and wet asphalt color will contrast well with the skin and blend with the color of the hair, which will highlight the brightness of the iris.

Use scarlet lipstick. For a dramatic look, you can take wine shades.

Makeup for brown-haired women

Brown-haired women do not belong to the contrasting type in the theory of color types, and therefore here you can create makeup based on beige and coffee shades. Apply an espresso shade to the outer corner of the eye and blend towards the temple. On the moving eyelid, apply beige shadow with a shimmer.

Complement your makeup with a neutral skin tone lipstick.

Makeup for small blue eyes

To visually increase the small size of the eyes, you need to use the smokey eye technique, because it allows you to give the eyes any shape – make them longer or wider.

To make the eyes wider, do not apply shadows far to the temple: try to “bring” the lines up.

Makeup for blondes

Blondes can make festive makeup for small blue eyes with bright light colors – blue, light green, pink. However, do not forget that the outer corner of the eye should be shaded with a deeper and more saturated color, and the eyelashes on the upper eyelid are highlighted with a dark gray eyeliner.

Use light lipstick in neutral shades in this makeup.

Makeup for brunettes

To make bright makeup for small blue eyes, brunettes may need colored mascara, in addition to shades of emerald, orange and purple. Colored mascara should be applied on top of black mascara so that the eyelashes do not look sparse.

Complement bright makeup with matte fuchsia lipstick, which goes well with blue eyes and black curls.

Makeup for brown-haired women

For brown-haired women, to look bright, it is enough to take soft blue shadows with a shimmer and shade the outer corner of the eye with a dark brown color.

This makeup can be complemented with light pink lipstick.

Makeup secrets for blue eyes

We offer a few secrets that will help make blue eye makeup more expressive:

  1. Line your eyelashes with a dark gray or black pencil to highlight the brightness of your eyes.
  2. Sculpt your face with a bronzer or cool brown corrector.
  3. For bright eye makeup, do not use rich blush.
  4. If you don’t know what color to stop in makeup, just draw a black arrow. In combination with red lipstick, it suits all color types, regardless of hair and eye color.