dry calluses on toes treatment

Corn – compacted skin, which was deformed as a result of mechanical impact. This external change in the epidermis does not pose a clear threat to human life, so many simply do not pay attention to it. Moreover, such damage is not able to disappear on its own, sometimes it hurts and even bleeds, which causes considerable discomfort. As a result, dry calluses appear on the toes, the treatment of which is not so simple.

Varieties of treatment

Most often, the seal appears on the little finger. It can occur on the outer, inner, and even lower part of the finger. If discomfort begins to appear when walking, then it is no longer worth postponing treatment. There are several types of getting rid of the disease:

  • medicines;
  • laser surgery;
  • using special tools;
  • cryotherapy;
  • removal in a beauty salon;
  • folk remedies.

How to get rid of dry calluses on the legs?

The most popular and simplest method is the use of a special patch. It is superimposed on a seal on the skin. In addition to the obvious active action, it also helps to relieve pain. Before using it, the place must be steamed out, and then wipe your feet with a dry towel. After gluing, the patch should remain on the affected area for several more days. Often it is enough for people to use this remedy even once, so that the corn completely disappears.

Another no less effective remedy for dry calluses on the toes is salicylic ointment with a 10 percent concentration. Its action is based on benzoic acid. The agent is applied to the compacted area once a day. In some cases, this can be done twice. After a short time, the person himself begins to notice how the corn passes.

For therapy, experts often recommend keratolytic gel. True, it is acquired only at the conclusion of a specialist.

Laser and cryotherapy are prescribed in case of ineffectiveness of previous procedures. In addition, these methods are considered ideal when corns appear due to fungus. The laser is one of the most effective ways to safely remove dry calluses on the toes without pain. It destroys all infections and microorganisms that fall into its field of action. The risk of inflammation during the recovery period is considered minimal when compared with other methods. In this case, the basis of the seal – the rod – is removed. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia – it is bloodless and painless. Treatment takes place in one session. And rehabilitation lasts a minimum amount of time.

Treatment of dry corns on the feet with folk remedies


This plant has long been considered the best remedy for the treatment of seals on the skin. To do this, you need to cut the leaf and attach the wet side to the sore spot. It is attached with a patch or bandage. The procedure is done at night. In the morning, the skin becomes soft and can be easily removed with a special stone.


Pass fresh tubers through a blender and then apply gruel to a hard place. Top with polyethylene and bandage. It is better to perform the procedure at night so that the compress can be removed in the morning.

Potassium permanganate

remedy for dry calluses on toes

Crystals of the product are added to warm water and stirred. The legs are placed in a container until they are steamed. After that, they are wiped with a towel and a moisturizer is applied to them – preferably for children.


A cotton swab or bandage is moistened with any alcohol, the concentration of which is not less than 40%, and applied to the problem area. From above you need to wrap with a film and put on a woolen sock. The procedure is repeated until complete recovery.