nail art for beginners

To become a professional manicurist, you need to constantly practice nail art, use different types of tools and materials, and try new techniques. Before you start creating masterpieces and ornate patterns, you should master the drawings on the nails for beginners. Only if you have basic skills can you gradually move on to more complex designs, reaching the desired level of skill.

How to do nail art for beginners?

At the beginning of learning the art of nail art, it is not necessary to buy a lot of various tools and materials, it is enough to have several varnishes, a manicure tape, instead of which you can use adhesive tape, as well as a thin dots or a needle. The last position is successfully replaced by a toothpick, an empty ballpoint pen, a straightened hairpin or pin.

Consider the easiest drawings on nails with a needle for beginners, assuming the presence of only 3 varnishes and dots.

Black and white hypnosis:

  1. Cover the plates on the middle, index and thumb with black varnish, paint the rest of the nails with white. On the ring finger, run the 3rd coat of white polish along the vertical half of the nail plate.
  2. easiest nail designs for beginners 1.1

  3. Without waiting for it to dry, apply black varnish in 2 layers on the second half.
  4. easiest nail designs for beginners 1.2

  5. From the center of the border between white and black lacquer, outline a spiral with the thinnest dots or toothpick, moving counterclockwise and mixing colors.
  6. easiest nail designs for beginners 1.3

  7. Let the pattern dry, cover it with a transparent varnish.
  8. easiest nail designs for beginners 1.4

Peripheral hearts:

  1. Cover the nail plates with a neutral base. For example, blue.
  2. easiest nail designs for beginners 2.1

  3. With a medium dots or an improvised device, put points not too distant from each other along the cuticle line, side ridges and the edge of the nail. You need to use a brighter varnish that matches the shade, in this case blue, or a contrasting color.
  4. easiest nail designs for beginners 2.2

  5. With a toothpick or thin dots, starting from the bottom and without lifting the tool from the surface, draw a line through the center of all points.
  6. easiest nail designs for beginners 2.3

  7. Fix the result with a transparent coating.

Based on the proposed designs, you can create many interesting variations, complementing them with other elements and decor.

Simple drawings on nails with gel polish for beginners

The above technique of mixing colors is called stretching. It is very convenient to use with shellac, as this material is thicker than ordinary varnish, has a denser consistency and lays down very evenly. In addition, the gel dries extremely slowly and requires drying in a special lamp, which also facilitates stretching.

For beginners, the following simple shellac drawings are recommended:

  • peas;
  • flowers (from circles);
  • hearts;
  • stripes;
  • geometric patterns;
  • cell;
  • zigzag;
  • cat paw prints.

Some of these designs require the use of duct tape or duct tape. By experimenting, you can use them to create not only banal stripes, a cage or shapes from geometry, but also more complex pictures. To do this, you need to make a stencil of the desired pattern in advance.

Drawings on nails with a brush and acrylic paints for beginners

Even without artistic skills and talent for fine arts, you should try acrylic painting. The process under consideration is very exciting and allows you to create sophisticated and neat patterns with clear and even lines. Sometimes professional acrylic nail art using a thin brush looks like a real painting.

Beginning manicure masters are recommended to master drawing on such simple designs:

  • chamomile;
  • sunflower;
  • leaves;
  • thin curls;
  • cherries;
  • sea ​​waves;
  • leopard print;
  • bows;
  • zebra;
  • tree branches;
  • web;
  • cat silhouette;
  • ladybug;
  • flight of seagulls.

The main thing is not to be content with the achieved result, but to continue to develop your skills, gradually bringing the nail art technique to perfection.