day makeup for gray eyes

When creating daytime makeup, you should only take into account the main rule – it should not be too bright, so you should not use saturated shades, as well as mother-of-pearl and shiny shadows on the entire surface of the eyelids. The main task of daytime eye makeup is to add expressiveness to the look.

Natural makeup for gray eyes

The simplest version of daytime (everyday) makeup for gray eyes is natural, the main principle of which is minimalism in the use of cosmetic products, an emphasis on natural, natural beauty. The design of the eyes should be light and almost invisible.

For natural make-up, shadows should not contain sparkles or mother-of-pearl. When choosing the color of the shadows, preference should be given to soft pastel colors – peach, sand, milky, cream. These shades give a fresh look. They can be combined, but it is better to use no more than two shades of shadows at the same time and shade them carefully to avoid clear boundaries. With natural makeup, eyeliner and contour pencil are not used.

Mascara when applying natural makeup can be black or dark brown – depending on the color of the hair and skin tone. It is applied in one thin layer from the middle of the eyelashes to the tips. Lower eyelashes with this type of makeup is better not to stain.

Day makeup rules for gray eyes

As already noted, daytime makeup for gray eyes should be light and discreet. Therefore, all products used should be applied in moderation. You should carefully approach the choice of a palette of shadows and their combination so as not to get intense contrasts.

In order to give gray eyes brightness and shine, you need to use white, milky or light pink shadows or a pencil. By the way, applying white shadows on the lower eyelid, you can visually enlarge the eyes, make the look more open.

When choosing a shade of shadows, you should focus on skin tone. Light-skinned women with gray eyes are more suitable for beige, golden, sand shades. Blue, gray, lilac and green shades are also acceptable, but subject to careful shading. To focus on the eyes of owners of dark skin, it is recommended to use metallic shades of shadows – gold, silver, bronze.

Very often, gray eyes have an additional pigment of a different shade – blue, blue, green. In this case, in order to emphasize the color of the eyes, it is recommended to use gray, blue and silver shades when creating a daytime makeup for gray-blue eyes, lavender and gray for blue-gray, and emerald green and light green for gray-green.