Cream powder

A tool that allows you to quickly bring the skin to an impeccable condition, even out its tone and hide minor imperfections – this is cream powder. Most women prefer it because of its convenient and high-quality application, long-lasting mattifying properties and ease of use that does not require special skills.

Powder or cream powder?

Despite the fact that the type of cosmetics in question appeared quite a long time ago, it was improved only a few years ago.

Initially, owners of combination and oily skin, prone to rashes and unevenness, had to first use a regular cream, and apply powder on it in order to achieve the desired relief and mask imperfections. Another way to use dry powder was to use it in combination with a wet sponge. Thus, the powder softened and lay better on the surface of the skin.

Naturally, during the day, the cosmetic product dried out, rolled and clogged the pores, leaving an unpleasant effect of dryness and a mask on the face.

With the advent of cream powder, the above problems have disappeared, as it allows the skin to breathe due to its light consistency. At the same time, the cosmetics in question perfectly mask problem areas due to the dense texture.

Cream powder or foundation?

Liquid makeup aficionados know that you still need to powder after applying foundation fluid. This allows the make-up to be stable, prevents smearing and provides a longer matting effect.

Cream-powder for the face combines both a liquid base and a dry coating. Evenly distributed over the skin, it creates a perfectly even tone, just like a high-quality foundation, and then dries a little, turning into loose powder. This provides not only lasting makeup, but also a matte, velvety face throughout the day.

How to use cream powder?

There is nothing complicated in using the tool. On a clean and moisturized face with a light day cream, you need to carefully apply the powder cream with a sponge or a set of brushes. Movements should be clear and short, from the center of the forehead and nose to the periphery. Excess makeup can be easily removed with a damp cloth or cotton swabs soaked in micellar water.

Modern stylists advise another method on how to properly apply cream powder – with your fingers. It is believed that in this way all areas of the face are better worked out, the product is absorbed deeper and lies more evenly. Cream powder must first be applied pointwise to the forehead, nose and cheeks, and then spread over the entire skin.

What is the best cream powder?

Among the well-known and popular brands, you should pay attention to the following manufacturers of cosmetics:

  1. Sisley Phyto-teint eclat compact. Compact, can be applied with a dry or wet sponge.
  2. Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid. It lays down and absorbs perfectly, mattifies for a long time, ideal for oily and combination skin.
  3. Clinique Superbalanced makeup. Qualitatively hides any imperfections and redness, without creating the feeling of a dense mask.
  4. Farmasi Pata Cream. Good cream-powder for dry skin, eliminates peeling and irritation.
  5. cream face powder

  6. Guerlain Lingerie de peau. It has a soft creamy texture, perfectly lays down, evens out the relief.
  7. Max Factor Miracle Touch. Absorbs quickly, eliminates oily sheen, but requires powdering after 5-6 hours.
  8. Yves Saint Laurent Matt Touch Compact Foundation. Helps keep the skin matte for at least 8 hours, easy to apply due to its compact form.
  9. Lumene Natural Code Skin Perfector. Adapts to the natural color of the skin, permanently eliminates oily sheen.