how to get rid of a corn on the little toe

Most adults are faced with such an ailment as corns on their feet. This problem causes a lot of inconvenience, and sometimes pain. So, for example, girls and women try to immediately get rid of calluses on the little toe, as this is the first obstacle to wearing open shoes in the warm season. To prevent the appearance of cracks in the legs and bleeding, it is necessary to start treatment on time.

How to cure a callus on the little toe?

If seals still appear on the toes, the first thing you need to pay attention to is shoes. During treatment, you need to use softer shoes or sneakers. The sooner a problem is discovered, the sooner it will be possible to say goodbye to it.

There are several basic professional and folk methods aimed at combating the disease. If the problem has appeared only recently and is still quite mild, the treatment will pass quickly – just apply a few baths with oils and salt. After the procedure, the skin becomes soft, and the excess is removed with a pumice stone. Then the feet are wiped dry and a moisturizer is applied to them.

If this does not work, for example, when the corn on the little toe is pivotal, medical remedies such as a band-aid, potassium permanganate and salicylic ointment will help get rid of it. So a specialized adhesive tape is glued to the damaged area. She remains in this position for the next few days. Before this, of course, it is better to make a steam bath. After the procedure, the adhesive plaster is carefully torn off, and an unnecessary area of ​​​​skin remains on it.

How to remove a callus on the little toe?

If the seal on the leg is already starting to hurt, coarsened or grown, you need to contact specialists who will perform laser or cryotherapy. Liquid nitrogen is applied to the problem area. Low temperature causes a spasm of small vessels, due to which blood stops flowing into the corn. After that, it is easily removed. This method has its drawbacks – a small open wound remains, which requires constant and careful care. Otherwise, the question of how to remove dry callus on the little toe will appear again. It is also important to prevent infection from entering the body so that something else unpleasant does not happen to the lower extremities.

Laser removal is considered the most effective and painless method. A wound remains in place, into which a disinfecting and healing liquid is placed, and covered with a bandage on top – this excludes infection.