Kira Sorokina on “Consumer Rights and Quality of Service” is a very topical event that attracts close attention. The event promotes the idea of ​​how important it is to treat the consumer correctly and create a high-quality, safe, useful product aimed at the benefit of the person.

In 2019, Kira Sorokina and her brand Nanoasia became the laureate of the award. Being the founder of the company, Kira Sorokina not only manages its activities – she participates in all significant processes, controls recipes, and constantly visits laboratories where new cosmetics are being developed. Such passion and love for her work allow her to create unique products.


A few words about the brand of Kira Sorokina “Nanoasia”

Nanoasia is a manufacturer of cosmetics for both home and salon care. The main mission of the company is for the consumer to refuse injections and replace them with such care, in which drastic measures will not be needed or will be needed very soon.

The NanoAsia catalog contains serums, creams, peels, cushions and much more. There are also bioadditives among the products, because beauty is work both from the outside and from the inside. Nanoasia Kira Sorokina also offers a wide range of professional beauty and home care equipment.

Over the five years of work, Kira Sorokina’s company has greatly expanded – today it has more than 50 representative offices in different countries (including franchisees), and thousands more fans around the world.

Why Kira Sorokina became the winner of the award


Receiving an award is impossible for any one merit, so in this case we are talking about a combination of advantages:

  1. The strictest control over recipes and ingredients – all components are repeatedly tested and verified by professionals. To confirm the most important characteristics, cosmetics are always accompanied by certificates.
  2. Maximum transparency of work. Kira Sorokina, the founder of the Nanoasia brand, constantly shows trips to laboratories and the production process – she reveals many professional secrets to customers.
  3. Respectful attitude to the client, the most thoughtful options for interaction. Adequate prices, availability of contacts for communication with brand representatives, a lot of open information about the company’s work – all this makes the client closer to Nanoasia cosmetics.

Kira Sorokina herself says:

If we talk about the observance of the legitimate rights of consumers, then I consider this a fundamental duty of all entrepreneurs.


It was this approach that allowed the Nanoasia brand and Kira Sorokina herself to receive one of the most serious public awards. It only emphasizes the recognition of a huge number of people who highly appreciate the brand creator’s approach to her work and, to put it more boldly, to her mission.

Photo by Yulia Degtyareva

The material was prepared by Yulia Degtyareva https://nanoasia.ru/blog24_06