can moles be removed

The most common reason for visiting a dermatologist is nevi of various shapes and sizes. Moreover, patients are usually interested in whether it is possible to remove moles, because there is an opinion that it is better not to touch them. In fact, nevi are a pathological accumulation of pigment cells. The good news is that most of them are absolutely safe and do not cause any inconvenience.

Can a mole be removed at home?

Any specialist will answer the question in the negative.

Conventionally, nevi are divided into calm and melanoma-dangerous. In the first case, there is no risk of a mole degenerating into skin cancer, while in another situation, the probability of its transformation is high. Only a professional doctor using medical equipment can reliably determine the nature and tendency of a nevus to change. Some accumulations of skin pigment visually look quite safe, but can be secretly degenerated into melanoma.

Therefore, under no circumstances should you independently remove a mole or contact traditional healers about this. Handicraft methods of removing nevi lead to injury, which is a factor that provokes the development of skin cancer. In addition, some neoplasms may only look like pigment accumulations, not representing moles. Only a dermatologist can establish the expediency and possibility of eliminating nevi, using modern and high-tech laser equipment.

Is it possible to remove moles on the body with a laser?

The peculiarity of the melanin accumulations under consideration lies in their appearance on any parts of the body. And if getting rid of nevi on the legs, arms, back and stomach is not too scary, then removing them in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe mammary glands and genital organs is alarming for patients.

Professionals assure that removing moles is safe in any area of ​​the body. Moreover, it is highly desirable to eliminate nevi on the chest in women; there should not be such pigment accumulations on the mammary glands.

Also, people are often interested in whether it is possible to remove red and hanging moles. To begin with, it is worth remembering that the first type of pigmentation indicated is not a nevus. These are hemangiomas, which are a collection of damaged blood vessels, they can be not only red, but also have a pinkish, pale tint. Such formations are easily removed with a laser. Hanging hemangiomas are sometimes found, which are removed in the same way.

Other convex moles on the “leg” must first be studied. It is possible that they are not nevi, but arose against the background of a viral infection (papillomas, condylomas) or are small warts. However, such neoplasms are quickly and painlessly eliminated.

Is it possible to remove moles on the head with a laser?

It is especially scary for patients to get rid of nevi in ​​the face area and on the scalp.

Just as in the case of the areas of the reproductive organs, there is nothing dangerous in this. It is only desirable to carry out the procedure during the period of low ultraviolet activity of the sun (winter, autumn, early spring).is it possible to remove moles on the body The head and face are always open, therefore they are more susceptible to radiation, which can provoke the formation of age spots at the site of the removed nevi.

Often people ask if large flat moles and birthmarks can be removed. In this situation, the removal of pigmentation is not only allowed, but also necessary. According to medical statistics, about 50% of such formations on the skin cause negative consequences, many of them degenerate into cancer. Accordingly, it is important to remove large birthmarks and moles more than 2 cm in diameter immediately.