boil on leg

On the leg, a boil appears as a result of damage to the hair follicle by Staphylococcus aureus. A purulent formation is accompanied by pain and often interferes with walking, as it loves to hit the toes.

Causes of boils on the legs

On the legs, boils appear most often as a result of:

  • increased injury;
  • friction with uncomfortable shoes;
  • profuse sweating.

A large amount of dust accumulates on the feet and simple scratching can lead to infection of a small scratch. Especially high is the risk of boils on the toes, feet, lower legs in athletes, as well as people with diabetes.

Treatment of a boil on the leg at home

If we are talking about the constant appearance of inflammation, you must contact a medical institution. In the case of a single boil, you can resort to folk ways to get rid of the problem. Here is how you can treat a boil:

  1. It is recommended to fill the planed laundry soap with milk. The mixture is heated over low heat, not forgetting to stir, for 1.5 hours. After the set time, you will get a mass that resembles sour cream in consistency. The inflamed area of ​​the skin is treated with an impromptu ointment and bandaged with a sterile bandage. It is worth performing the procedure daily until the breakthrough of the abscess.
  2. A fresh leaf of aloe is crushed and applied to the affected area. The compress is changed several times a day.
  3. From a small amount of honey and rye flour, a cake is prepared, which is applied to the boil on the leg in the form of a compress.
  4. To purify the blood, horses and dandelion greens are ground. 10 g of raw materials are steamed with a glass of boiling water and incubated for 3 hours. The finished infusion is filtered. It is supposed to take the remedy 5 times a day, drinking a tablespoon.

If folk recipes did not help, you should visit a doctor.