Beautiful tattoos for girls

Having decided to get a tattoo, girls make rather strict requirements for the sketch, which, in general, is not surprising. After all, the beautiful half is beautiful because it strives for beauty. And the photos of the most beautiful tattoos for girls, presented by modern masters, are proof of this. But for many girls, the choice of a pattern is complicated due to the uncertainty and inconsistency of the concept of beauty in the art of tattooing. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to know about the various artistic directions, thanks to which the most beautiful tattoos for girls are created. In addition, beautiful tattoos for girls are a harmonious combination of certain factors that should be given special attention when choosing a tattoo.

Idea selection

Beautiful tattoos for girls are not necessarily common themes, or unambiguous symbols. Mainly – this is a drawing that is in harmony with the inner world or aspirations of the girl. To clearly formulate the idea and find the most interesting artistic solution, you should determine what function the tattoo is intended to perform:

  • self-expression. The drawing on the body expresses an attitude to something, or a life position. Beautiful inscriptions as a tattoo for girls are the most common option, as well as hieroglyphs. But modern masters are trying to solve the problem more artistically and unusually, using a variety of styles. These can be plot paintings, and abstraction, and miniatures, and ancient signs and symbols;
  • protection. these are magical signs, totems, images of patrons. Such tattoos can be both stylized and realistic. Ornaments and signs can also be made in the style of tribal tattoos, or stylized as tribal, but at the same time contain elements of realism. For example, an ancient sign can be carved on a stone, with texture detailing and volume transfer, realistic flowers can complement the drawing, or vice versa, a stylized ornament;
  • motivation. a tattoo serves as an incentive for achievement. A drawing can personify those qualities that a girl would like to develop. Often, such tattoos allow their owners to get rid of an inferiority complex, change their attitude to life.
  • Also, for the purpose of motivation and a kind of call not to give up and overcome difficulties, beautiful tattoo inscriptions for girls are often used. Lindsay Lohan’s tattoo is a prime example. After a severe asthma attack, the actress made an inscription on her arm, which means “breathe.”

  • identification. such tattoos are made in order to demonstrate belonging to any social group. It is worth noting that with age, not everyone has a desire to demonstrate their youthful hobbies, and according to the results of many surveys, it is these tattoos that tend to be blocked or completely removed over time.

Understanding the reason for the desire to get a tattoo is the first and mandatory step in choosing the right sketch. If, during the analysis of the reasons, the girl comes to the conclusion that the tattoo is just an ornament or a tribute to fashion for her, then it is wiser to abandon the idea.

Location selection

It happens that the drawing you like does not look harmonious in the chosen place, which significantly spoils the impression of the work. Therefore, it is so important to determine where the tattoo will be before choosing a design. First of all, you need to listen to an intuitive solution. But an important role is played by social status and occupation. Unfortunately, stereotyped thinking takes place in wide sections of society, and many have to hide tattoos from colleagues or superiors. Therefore, in some cases it is more reasonable to make a tattoo in places inaccessible to other people’s views. And having decided on the location, you should proceed to the decoration.

Style selection
Beautiful tattoos for girls

To date, many different tattoo styles have appeared, each of which has its own characteristics both in the technique of execution and directly in the artistic design of the idea. It is recommended to choose photos of beautiful tattoos for girls, made in different styles, and present options for implementing your idea in each style you like, of course, taking into account the previously chosen place for the tattoo. In addition to the styles that have already become traditional, such as Old school, new school tattoo, tribal, Japanese and Chinese tattoos, new directions are emerging and developing. Realism has gained great popularity, allowing to convey a realistic and three-dimensional image of an object. Biomechanics is also becoming increasingly popular among girls. Do not lose relevance and such specific areas as anime, fantasy, fairies, as well as ethnic tattoos. The variety of existing styles allows you to express your individuality to the greatest extent and express your idea in the most appropriate way.

After all, the most beautiful tattoos for girls are not just beautiful pictures, but harmony, individuality, manifested in artistic design. And looking for your sketch among the photos of beautiful tattoos for girls is completely pointless, since the tattoo does not tolerate repetition, patterns, routine and meaninglessness. Only a conscious approach to each stage of selection will allow you to find exactly your own, unique and unique pattern, which will not disappoint even after many years.

Beautiful tattoos for girls photo