Beautiful makeup - secrets and ideas for beautiful images for girls

Girls strive to make the image harmonious and complete. A beautiful make-up will help to cope with the task. Stylists offer casual, evening, wedding options to the attention of fashionistas. Make-up is done in neutral nude or bright colors.

The secret to beautiful makeup

Stylists resort to certain tricks to help visually improve external data. Beautiful makeup ideas are represented by the following trends:

  1. Freshness of the look will provide the application of a light highlighter in the area of ​​​​the inner corners of the eyes. It is recommended to touch the dark depression at the bridge of the nose, which can give a tired look.
  2. Double-sided mascara will help to make eyelashes more magnificent.
  3. The corrector will give clarity to the eyebrows and lips. The tool indicates the contours, due to which the graphic effect is achieved.
  4. Concealer applied to the wings of the nose will give the face a peppy look.
  5. If you want to get a beautiful bright make-up, they resort to a certain technique. Cream shadows are distributed on the eyelids or lips. Subsequent application of cosmetics to these areas will look more catchy.
  6. Glitter eyes will give the effect of a shining glare. A shimmering highlighter is placed in the middle of the movable upper eyelid.
  7. A healthy look to the skin will give a moist shine, achieved with the help of lip balm or regular cream. The tool is distributed over the cheekbones.
  8. Soft contouring is created using foundation. The product is taken a couple of shades darker than the color of the skin. Cheekbones are emphasized with cream.
  9. A “cat look” will come out if you blend the concealer that hides under-eye circles along the lower lash line.

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How to make beautiful makeup?

Certain means will help to emphasize the merits of appearance and correct the shortcomings. The following types of cosmetics will help you get a light and beautiful make-up:

  • concealer for under eye circles. The tool is recommended to be used for its intended purpose. If you apply it as a base for the eyelids, it is likely that the shadows roll;
  • it is preferable to take a foundation with a light texture. A translucent effect can be achieved by distributing the product with your fingers, dense – with a brush;
  • powder is designed to avoid oily sheen on the skin. Experts advise treating the problematic T-zone first, then moving to the rest. If there is any doubt about the choice of shade, you should turn to the transparent option;
  • bronzer is applied to the face, neck, décolleté. Reception will help achieve a uniform skin tone. Beautiful natural makeup will come out in daylight;
  • blush will give the skin a healthy look. It is recommended to walk with a brush along the line drawn between the chin and the upper area near the ears;
  • eyebrow product is a pencil or a special powder. Cosmetics emphasize the upper line;
  • lipstick is distributed in the direction from the central part to the corners;
  • eyeshadow stylists advise to apply in a double version. These areas are covered with a light base coat. After that, the shadows of the desired shade are distributed;
  • eyeliner is applied in the direction from the inner corners to the outer;
  • mascara is distributed from the roots to the outer edge.

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Beautiful everyday makeup

The trend for naturalness is embodied with the help of certain cosmetics. Beautiful daytime makeup is created by following these steps:

  • moisturizing the skin and spreading foundation over the face;
  • applying a cream concealer under the eyes, masking circles;
  • distribution of cream shadows on the eyelids and under the lower eyelashes;
  • eyebrow tinting with black or brown pencil. It is allowed to fix the result with a gel of a transparent structure;
  • applying mascara;
  • facial correction with dry pink blush, distributed over the cheeks;
  • moisturizing lips with balm, staining with matte or glossy lipstick.

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Beautiful evening make-up

Creating a make-up for a solemn exit requires compliance with certain nuances. The most beautiful makeup comes out with the following points in mind:

  1. Cosmetics should be in harmony with the chosen outfit, match the color scheme. It is recommended to focus either on the eyes or on the lips so as not to overload the image.
  2. Beautiful makeup is created from persistent products, especially if a long-term event is planned. The rule applies to foundation, lipstick, primer.
  3. It is worth paying attention to shine – pick up shadows with a shimmer, a highlighter that gives radiance to the skin.
  4. An easy way is to apply color over a black arrow using a shiny eyeliner.

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Beautiful wedding makeup

Make-up for the bride is done in compliance with certain rules. Beautiful wedding makeup is characterized by current trends:

  1. Wine lips are the main focus of the image. The rest of the makeup is selected in a neutral version. These are light silvery or golden shadows, a gentle blush.
  2. It is worth avoiding the oily sheen of the skin, which is achieved with the help of a matting agent. Beautiful modern makeup welcomes a subtle glow achieved by mixing foundation and liquid highlighter.
  3. An expressive look will be obtained with the help of a bronzer applied to the eyelids.
  4. In the trend “cat’s eye”, created by drawing lengthening arrows.
  5. A festive look will give sparkles applied in the area of ​​the temples.
  6. White arrows will organically fit into the wedding look.

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Beautiful makeup for the New Year

On a festive night, a successful make-up will make the image unique. Beautiful New Year’s makeup is created taking into account the following trends:

  1. Blondes are allowed to create colored smoky eyes, embodied with blue, lavender, pink shadows.
  2. Brunettes are advised to turn to dark gray colors.
  3. On red-haired girls, golden shadows or arrows harmoniously look.
  4. Brown-haired women should create a dark haze on the eyelids or focus on the lips with berry lipstick.

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Beautiful colored makeup

Well-chosen cosmetics will help to embody a memorable bow. Beautiful bright makeup is created using the following techniques:

  • drawing wide multi-colored arrows, applied one on top of the other. There are gradient options;
  • contrasting shadows with a shimmer, differing in shades on the upper and lower eyelids;
  • multi-colored smoky, embodied with the help of bright colors.

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beautiful nude makeup

Light shades are suitable for creating everyday make-up. Beautiful gentle makeup harmoniously looks in nude tones:

  1. A simple solution is to apply matte or glossy shadows on the eyelids. It is allowed to darken the outer corners of the eyes with the help of dark shades.
  2. A fresh glow of the skin is welcomed, achieved with a highlighter distributed in the temples.
  3. Lipstick is selected in pale pink, beige. It is allowed to turn to a transparent lip gloss.

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beautiful smokey makeup

Certain cosmetic techniques can add depth to the look. This is a beautiful smokey eye makeup:

  1. For the embodiment of the everyday option, gray, brown shades are suitable. It is allowed to vary color transitions from light to dark. The pencil is selected in a harmonious palette.
  2. To complement the evening look, dark blue, black, purple tones are selected. It is allowed to enhance the effect with arrows or sparkles.
  3. Smokey suggests an emphasis on the eyes. Lipstick is selected in neutral light shades.

beautiful smokey makeupbeautiful smoky eye makeupbeautiful dark makeup

Beautiful glitter makeup

The addition of certain elements will bring festive notes to the image. Beautiful glitter makeup is created taking into account the following trends:

  1. A popular technique is the drawing of wide shiny arrows. There are details displayed both on the upper and on the lower border of the eyelid. Arrows are made in identical or contrasting colors.
  2. For the embodiment of an evening bow, large sparkles applied to the temple area are suitable. An alternative and softer solution is to distribute the highlighter in this area.

beautiful glitter makeupbeautiful makeup with glitterbeautiful glitter makeup

Beautiful makeup with red lipstick

Makeup artists welcome the creation of an accent in a certain area. A common solution is beautiful lip makeup, embodied with red lipstick:

  1. Cosmetics are selected in a matte version or with a wet gloss effect.
  2. The eyes are done in neutral colors. A harmonious image will be obtained with the help of black, dark gray, brown arrows.
  3. It is allowed to thickly make up eyelashes. At the same time, they do without additional cosmetics.
  4. A good reception is the application of discreet beige shadows.

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Beautiful makeup with arrows

When creating a make-up, retro motifs are welcome. Beautiful eye makeup is embodied with the help of arrows:

  1. The traditional technique is the drawing of details made in neutral black, brown, gray tones. The color is selected taking into account the features of a particular appearance. Black shades are suitable for brunettes, other tones are preferable for blondes and brown-haired women.
  2. Bright colored arrows have become a modern trend. Details are applied alone or in combination with black traditional elements.
  3. For wedding and delicate everyday looks, white arrows are suitable.
  4. Popularity won double elements, made indented from the lash line.

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Beautiful rainbow makeup

The current trend is the creation of a bright multi-colored make-up. Very beautiful makeup is done in the following variations:

  • With the help of shadows applied in several levels on top of each other. An alternative solution is similarly designed arrows.
  • Smokey ice, embodied with the help of a gradient effect – the transition of one shade to another.
  • Iridescent overflows are created by spreading a multi-colored highlighter on the temples.

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Beautiful makeup with drawings

A themed make-up is intended for going to a party. Beautiful female makeup is complemented by drawings:

  1. One eyelid is covered with bright shadows. On the second side, butterfly wings are depicted, the outline of a certain animal.
  2. An interesting solution is to embody the effect of a cat’s eye. With the help of shadows and a pencil, a characteristic cut is drawn.
  3. There is an image in the corner of the eye of the company logo.

beautiful make-up with drawingsbeautiful female makeupbeautiful unusual make-up

Beautiful gothic makeup

A certain make-up helps to give the image depth and mystery. Beautiful dark makeup is created in the Gothic version:

  1. A popular technique is the application of dark shadows, evenly shaded over the upper eyelid. The lower region is underlined with a thick arrow.
  2. The dense filling of the upper eyelid, both the movable and the fixed part, looks interesting. The outer corner is raised.
  3. Smokey is welcome, made in black, dark blue, gray colors.

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Beautiful anime makeup

The Japanese theme has won the recognition of fashionistas. Beautiful unusual makeup is done taking into account the following points:

  1. A discreet arrow and shades of neutral pastel shades are applied to the upper eyelid.
  2. Whiskey is emphasized with sparkles, soft pink blush. There are options with the image of hearts in this area.

beautiful anime makeupbeautiful unusual make-uplight and beautiful makeup

beautiful korean makeup

Modern fashion welcomes oriental themes. Beautiful Asian makeup includes the following nuances:

  1. The skin is given a porcelain, transparent and slightly moist effect. To achieve the result, take a highlighter.
  2. Emphasis is placed on hydration. The day cream will help to give the skin a fresh effect.
  3. With the help of eyeliner, the upper eyelid is formed. In this case, the tip of the arrow falls down towards the cheekbones.
  4. When choosing shadows, preference is given to the pastel palette.
  5. The trend is orange blush, which is applied to the upper part of the cheekbones.
  6. Lips are moisturized with a balm, covered with a concealer that visually reduces them. Lipstick or gloss is applied to the central part, shading towards the edges.

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Beautiful permanent makeup

Makeup techniques will help facilitate the process of creating a make-up. Beautiful professional make-up is created using permanent technique:

  1. The arrows are drawn taking into account the cut of the eyes, open or impending eyelids. The tip is made elongated or short. Arrows are created with a clear look or with a feathering effect.
  2. Eyebrows are made in oriental or European technique. The latter method is simpler, since the hairs are drawn in the same direction.
  3. The lips are indicated with a contour that gives definition.

beautiful permanent makeupbeautiful professional makeup