baked shadows

A woman’s desire for beauty is inherent in nature, and cosmetic brands help her in this quest in every possible way, creating extraordinary novelties that make makeup more perfect, and at the same time easier. Baked eye shadow can be considered one of the most significant cosmetic discoveries, because it embodies the idea of ​​​​harmony of color and mother-of-pearl.

Lovers of mother-of-pearl shadows have probably noticed more than once that in the package the shadows have a beautiful and rich color with a mother-of-pearl tint, and on the skin the color is lost, becomes whitish, faded and uninteresting. Another disappointment led to the rejection of mass-market cosmetics and forced them to turn to brands that create professional decorative cosmetics, which have interesting color options for shadows, including mother-of-pearl, which look about as bright on the skin as they do in the package. .

But still, the classic mother-of-pearl shadows had a problem with color saturation, and it was solved by a special manufacturing technology, which gave rise to the name “baked shadows”.

What does “baked shadows” mean?

Baked shadows are a special technology for combining color with mother-of-pearl. Shadows in the manufacture are baked at a high temperature (60 degrees) for 1 hour. The result is a single, even texture, very light and delicate, and at the same time quite dense (baked shadows are very resistant to crumbling). Thanks to her, mother-of-pearl and pigment are tightly connected, and in makeup such shadows remain firm, without breaking into different groups, where the color was separated from mother-of-pearl.

Often, manufacturers add various caring components to the composition of the shadows – vitamin E or UV filters.

How to apply baked shadows?

Before using baked eyeshadow, apply an eyeshadow base to make your makeup last.

There are two options for applying shadows – dry and wet. Shadows are applied with a flat brush, investing movements. The shadow overlay field needs to be shaded.

Dry way

The dry method of applying shadows is a classic. A dry brush is taken, and shadows are applied to the eyelids. This method is less resistant than wet.

baked eye shadow

wet way

  1. Before applying shadows in a wet way, prepare a spray bottle with clean water.
  2. Moisten the brush with it so that it is slightly damp.
  3. Then pick up shadow with a brush and apply on the eyelid.

The wet method allows you to create a brighter, richer and more lasting makeup.

Makeup with baked eyeshadow

Due to the fact that baked shadows have a bright color and rich mother of pearl, they are usually used for evening makeup, or as an accent in the outer corner of the eye during daytime makeup.