Arrows on the eyes - the secrets of seductive makeup for beginners

The arrows on the eyes are a very important detail of a stylish make-up, because no stylist can do without them now, who wants to turn you into a modern beauty and glamorous diva. The fashion industry has developed a huge variety of eyeliners and pencils to artfully highlight your eyes. You can also do an exquisite tattoo.

Types of arrows for the eyes

To give expressiveness to your look, stylists have developed different types of arrows on the eyes. The perfect solution for creating stunning holiday and everyday make-up. For every day, the arrows can be made thin, even graphic, to slightly emphasize the main lines and fill the space between the cilia. For publication, festive events, you can create amazing wide variety of arrows that will emphasize the beauty of your beautiful eyes.

types of arrows for the eyestypes of arrows on the eyes

Arrows 2022 in front of our eyes are a lot of very different lines. How many people – so many varieties of arrows. There is no clear classification: for one, the arrows may seem too thick or thin, and for another – just right. The classic ones are the middle lines, not too thick and not too thin. The eyeliner line thickens towards the outer corner of the eye and turns into an arrow with a sharp graphic tip that points upwards. What were they like with the symbol of the twentieth century – the beauty Marilyn Monroe. There are also thick, shaded, cat and fox.

How to draw arrows on the eyes for beginners?

  1. Universal arrows on the eyes for beginners are feathered lines, they are very easy to make even for the very first time. To do this, you need to have a pencil or eyeliner and a brush, an eyeshadow palette that matches the color of your eyes, and a little patience for a perfect result.
  2. Feathered arrows, unlike graphics, can be drawn on any eyelid, the technique is simple, even beginners can do it. First you need to fill in the space between the eyelashes with a soft eyeliner. For everyday makeup, a brown shade is suitable.

  1. Draw arrows 2022 on the eyes above the ciliary contour and make it a little thicker at the outer corner of the eye, where the upper and lower ciliary contours converge – this is the base of the future arrow.
  2. Determine the tail of the future arrow: look directly into the mirror and do not cover your eyes, otherwise the line will be distorted. Mark a point and connect it to the outer corner of the eye. Take a thin flat brush and “pull” the tail towards the temple.
  3. Blend the upper border of the arrow with brown shadows and a fluffy brush. Do not touch the lower border of the arrow: it should remain clear.

Arrows on eyeliner

Stylists note that any kind of eyeliner arrows can be done easily and simply. There are several types of eyeliner. The most convenient and favorite makeup artist is gel eyeliner. Makeup artists love gel liners for their versatility. The formula of such an eyeliner is plastic, which allows you to correct the arrow. When it dries, be sure that it will last a very long time. In addition, the gel eyeliner adheres well to the mucous membrane, and with the help of a small brush it is convenient for her to work out the space between the eyelashes.

eyeliner arrows

More arrows on the eyes are drawn easily and effortlessly with a liquid liner. A brush is not needed, because a convenient applicator is already built into the lid of the liquid leash. With this liner, you can draw very thin lines. It is ideal for placing small accents: you can emphasize the inner corners of the eyes or filigree sharpen the tip of the arrow. A super tool is a felt-tip eyeliner with a sharp felt tip. With a felt-tip pen, you can vary the thickness of the line and even draw an arrow in one motion.

types of arrows for eyeliner

arrow tattoo on eyes

A permanent arrow on the eyes is an ideal solution for those who want to have a well-groomed look every day, save time for make-up and always have expressive eyes. A procedure for girls and women who naturally have dull and volumeless eyelashes. However, if the skin is too sensitive or there are contraindications, then you should refrain from tattooing. There are several techniques for applying pigment to the eyelid, which differ depending on the area of ​​coverage:

  • arrows with shading, look natural, while the image subtly changes;

eye arrow tattoo

  • classic arrows on the eyes. In this case, the pigment is applied to the line of the upper eyelid and slightly goes beyond its border, which visually enlarges the eyes;
  • intercilia with exit. The dye is injected into the space between the eyelashes, and then the arrows continue with the desired bend;
  • broad arrows. This technique emphasizes the beauty of almond-shaped eyes;
  • thin arrows. This tattoo is popular among girls and women with Asian eyes. A qualified master will select the right technique that is suitable for your appearance.

permanent arrow on the eyes

Arrows in the corners of the eyes

Small arrows on the eyes, with the right choice of slope, length and thickness of the line, hide age-related changes, give the look a special expressiveness, are suitable for business makeup and fit into many everyday looks. Because light touches, unobtrusive lines only slightly emphasize the main contours, are not very striking, and are a universal solution for smokey eyes. You can make light lines with shading look as natural as possible, they give you a special charm and appeal.

arrows in the corners of the eyes

Arrows on the eyes, emphasizing the corners, are made both with a pencil and with an eyeliner. Eyeliner allows you to make clear graphic contours. How to do? At the beginning, mark the tail so that the line becomes a continuation of the lower eyelid. Then, with the eye open, you need to draw a line to the center, not reaching the crease. Another line should be drawn closer to the cilia, then connect the drawn corners. We fix the makeup by staining the inner corner. To make the angle clear and even, when drawing lines, you can slightly stretch the skin of the eyelids towards the nose.

small arrows on the eyes

Thin arrows on the eyes

Almost classic, sophisticated and beautiful arrows on the eyes can be made not only with eyeliner, but also with a pencil. Makeup artists share simple rules:

  • select a hard pencil to create thin lines;
  • feel free to start from the outer corner of the eye and narrow it to the inner corner;
  • draw the space between the eyelashes with a stable pencil.
  • gradually draw the “tail of the arrow” with a sharpened pencil;
  • if necessary, sharpen the tip with a thin brush, simply draw a pencil line with the brush.

thin arrows on the eyes

Brown, black and other colored arrows on the eyes with liquid eyeliner in stages:

  • before drawing, remove excess eyeliner from the brush;
  • draw the ciliary contour with a smooth thin line;
  • mark the tail of the arrow in the outer corner, depending on the shape of the eyes (parallel to the bottom line of the beginning of the eyebrow);
  • repeat the same on the second eye, track the symmetry at each step;
  • draw the top line from its tip (tail) to the middle of the eyelid;
  • fill the line with eyeliner;
  • follow longer arrows, creating the effect of a “cat’s eye”.

beautiful arrows on the eyes

Long arrows on the eyes

Long fashionable arrows on the eyes are not only a way to focus on an expressive look, but also an opportunity to emphasize or, on the contrary, correct their shape. There are several simple tricks on how to draw them. If you need long arrows not as a graphic element of makeup, but as a way to visually correct the shape of the eyes, choose a pencil. At the same time, the “tails” of the arrows can be slightly shaded so that their color seems to dissipate. Makeup will turn out expressive and suitable for casual looks.

long arrows on the eyes

Another option for getting a soft result is shadows. For beginners, this is the most suitable tool. With the help of shadows, it is convenient to outline arrows, and if a mistake occurs, it is much easier to correct it than when drawing arrows with liquid eyeliner. You need to work with the shadows with a beveled brush: a long, flat cut allows you to draw neat and even lines, minimizing the risk of blots. Clear arrows to enlarge the eyes for a long time are better to draw with a diverse eyeliner. It is most suitable for lovers of graphics in makeup.

trendy arrows on the eyes

Wide arrows on the eyes

Ideal arrows on the eyes are considered wide. They are easy and simple to draw with any eyeliner. We begin to draw the first line along the edge of the eyelid next to the eyelashes in the center of the eye. Then we expand the brush and draw a line further in the opposite direction. The width is made by drawing several lines along the first one, thickening it. The undeniable hit of the coming year is the rectangular, colored arrows on the eyes, made with various shadows, glitter and glitter. Red, yellow, blue, purple, pink, blue and gray, brown and black clear lines are in fashion.

wide arrows on the eyesperfect arrows on the eyes

Egyptian arrows on the eyes

Double arrows on the eyes or Egyptian – this is a very seductive eye makeup. In order to create them, no clear sequential steps are required, because they come in completely different lengths and shapes. You can line your eyes with black eyeliner and smokey eyes, and then add curved lines. Bring only the lower eyelid: the line should be clear and thick, so you can draw it in two layers. Draw a long twisted arrow, slightly thinner in width than the eyeliner. To the previous option, add eyeliner to the upper eyelid.

Egyptian arrows on the eyesdouble arrows on the eyes

Butterfly arrows on the eyes

Unusual arrows on the eyes are a frequent make-up technique of the latest shows. Bright contrasting colors – like a breath of air after hibernation. Particular emphasis is placed on the outer corners of the eyes, which resemble butterfly wings. Experienced makeup artists advise you to start with the simplest version of double arrows: first you draw a traditional arrow in the style of a cat eye, and then make a mirror version on the lower eyelid. One caveat: the second arrow should be more rounded in contrast to the traditional shape. Otherwise, the butterfly effect will not be achieved.

butterfly arrows on the eyesunusual arrows on the eyes

Direct arrows on the eyes

The coming year 2022 is rich in eyeliner ideas. Straight arrows from the inner corner of the eye have gained particular popularity. They are drawn with a thin eyeliner with a brush or in the form of a felt-tip pen. Such arrows are harmoniously combined with bright shades of shadows, and with nude tones. Suitable for almond-shaped eyes, narrow, close-set. An excellent hit of the winter, spring-summer and autumn seasons are straight multi-colored, rectangular, wide arrows, which are drawn in all sorts of trendy colors, both rainbows and pastels.

straight arrows on the eyeseye arrow ideas

Fox arrows for eyes

To make interesting arrows on the eyes of the “fox look”, you need to visually stretch the corners with a line using a liner or dark shadows that will go beyond the outer corner. Draw arrows or feather pencil or shadow towards the temples and don’t forget to darken the outer corner. Graphic arrows help make the look more expressive and alluring, the reference “fox look” or, as it is also called, foxy eyes, is obtained using a feathered arrow in brown or gray shades.

fox arrows for eyesinteresting arrows on the eyes

cat eye arrows

Makeup artists constantly offer us to try various types of arrows for the eyes. To make a cat’s eye, you need to master a few simple rules:

  • we apply shadows, the lightest shade in the inner corner, the middle one in the center of the eyelid, with a dark shade we build the shape of the eye;

cat eye arrows

  • draw a neat line with eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye, gradually thickening it to the outer edge;
  • we draw a small thin line along the lash line of the lower eyelid (5 mm) to get the effect of “cat’s eye”.

eye arrow types

Eyeliner shading

Perfect shaded arrows on the eyes are made with the help of tattooing. If this option does not suit you, then they can be made with shadows, the output will be an excellent smokey ice with a soft pencil and a brush, so that the lines are not graphic clear, but blurry trendy. This makeup is perfect for going out and evening wear, as well as grunge, boho, glamor and glam rock looks.

shading of the arrow on the eyesfeathered arrows on the eyes

Arrows for deep-set eyes

Newfangled makeup ideas with arrows are designed for a variety of types. When your eyes are deep set, the arrows should start from the middle of the eyelid, and not from the inner corner. Otherwise, the eyes will look smaller. But if you focus on the outer corners of the eyes, it will play into your hands. Try to draw as thin, classic lines as possible and as close to the lash line as possible.

arrows for deep-set eyesarrow makeup ideas

Arrows for Asian eyes

Arrows for narrow eyes should not be made wide, on the advice of experienced makeup artists, pay attention to the classics and thin lines. You can’t decorate the arrows with curved “tails” yet. The fact is that Asian eyes often have a hanging eyelid. The lines with which you emphasize the ciliary contour should be straight and very thin. If you want to sum up not only the upper, but also the lower eyelid, do not connect the two lines into a “corner” at the outer edge of the eyes. Leave a gap between the lines.


Arrows for lowered corners of the eyes

What are the options for arrows for the eyes if you have lowered corners? Several options, it is better to try the classics, and then experiment with other solutions. For a clear and beautiful contour, it is better to give preference to a dark eyeliner. We start the contour approximately from the middle of the century – a thin stroke may slightly go beyond the indicated line. A neat corner of the line should look at the temples, gradually increasing towards the edge of the eyelid and narrowing, going beyond it.

arrows for lowered corners of the eyeseye arrow options

Arrows for big eyes

For large and almond-shaped shapes, a classic arrow on the eyes is suitable. However, you can try other types.

  1. base arrow. A light arrow along the lash line visually gives them density. This is a simple and effective way to highlight the eyes: a line is drawn between the cilia with a black pencil and then just above the eyeliner. Finally, a delicate arrow is displayed at the corner of the eye.

arrows for big eyes

  1. Arrow with two tails. A double ponytail is drawn to give visual density to the hairs and create a sly look. Try to complete the arrow with two tips and feel how much flirty you have added.
  2. “Half” arrow. To do this, tint the upper eyelid closer to the bridge of the nose with light shadows with glitter or highlighter, and start drawing the line from the middle of the eyelid at the border of eyelash growth.
  3. Wide arrow. It is important not to forget here that the more noticeable the arrow, the longer the eyelashes should be.
  4. Arabic arrow and haute couture arrow.

classic arrow on the eyes

Arrows for eyes with an impending eyelid

The ideal choice for 2022 is a light make-up with arrows. If you have an impending eyelid, then the arrow should be as thin as possible and with a short tip. According to the leading makeup artists, in this case, the “theatrical” arrow is suitable, it is also the “bat”, “swan wing”.

  1. Paint over the space between the eyelashes with a black pencil, apply eyeliner along the entire length of the eye.

arrows for eyes with an impending eyelid

  1. From the outer corner of the eye, draw a line towards the temple, and from the tip of this line – straight to the crease of the eyelid. Finish the arrow, moving from the resulting “tail” along the ciliary edge. Gradually reduce the width of the arrow to the inner corner of the eye.

light makeup with arrows