a lamp for nail-growing

The safest and most modern way to lengthen the nail plates and model their shape is a gel manicure. For its implementation, a special lamp for nail extension is required. With the help of this device, the polymerization of the working material is carried out, in other words, under the influence of radiation, the liquid gel hardens, acquiring the desired parameters.

What is the best lamp for gel nail extension?

The most common and popular option is ultraviolet (UV) lamps.

UV radiation polymerizes absolutely all types of gel used for building. But such lamps have several disadvantages:

  • quick failure of light bulbs;
  • heating to a high temperature, about 50 degrees;
  • the need for a planned replacement of all luminescent elements;
  • the difficulty of recycling used light bulbs.

Because of this, LED devices or LED lamps have become popular. Compared to ultraviolet devices, they have several advantages:

  • fast polymerization (30 seconds instead of 2 minutes);
  • long service life;
  • no power loss;
  • energy saving (the lamp does not heat up);
  • harmlessness, which facilitates the disposal of light bulbs.

At the same time, the considered devices are not suitable for all gels, but only for LED-active materials.

To be able to work with any type of gel, it is worth purchasing a hybrid lamp. These devices are equipped with both UV and LED bulbs, as well as cold cathode (CCFL).

UV and LED lamps for nail extension

There are many manufacturers of the described devices, so it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. It is important to be guided not only by the price of the device, but also by its quality.

Good UV Lamps:

  • ruNail;
  • CND;
  • YRE;
  • Simei;
  • JessNail;
  • Polaris.

Quality LED lamps:

  • OPI;
  • Planet Nails;
  • Mini Nail Dryer Compact;
  • gelish;
  • Harmony.

The devices of the listed brands are in various price niches, which allows you to choose the most appropriate option for both salon and home use.

gel nail lamps

It is not recommended to purchase lamps that are too cheap, as they quickly fail, and it is extremely difficult to find replacement elements for them.

Hybrid lamps for gel nails

Devices that combine LED and UV radiation, as well as equipped with a CCFL cold cathode lamp:

  • diamond;
  • Pro Cure;
  • YRE;
  • Professional Nail;
  • Anself.