wrinkle filler

Most representatives of the strong half are the appearance of small wrinkles and gray hair, and only a few try to hide them. But many of the fair sex, on the contrary, influence their appearance in various ways. Even the smallest defects on the skin – be it spots or completely invisible wrinkles – become a reason for a bad mood and many complexes. Women are looking for more and more new means of combating the first signs of aging. And one of them is wrinkle fillers – creams and gels that can even out the skin. They seem to push out small depressions from the inside.

Wrinkle fillers – fillers

Fillers are cosmetic products that can even out the skin. There are two types of drugs:

  • those that only remove wrinkles for a few hours;
  • newer ones, which also have restorative properties that preserve smooth skin for a long time.

There are many wrinkle fillers on the market, the main ones are:

  • La Prairie 360 ​​Anti-Wrinkle;
  • PRO3R Carita;
  • Christian Dior – Capture R60/80;
  • Chanel – Precision Micro Solutions;
  • Babor – Wrinkle Filler;
  • Lierac – Exclusive Solupatch.

Wrinkle filler for eye and lip contours

Many of these products have a general “rejuvenating” effect, but there are also specially targeted ones. So, for example, the most used to reduce the number of wrinkles around the eyes and lips are:

  • La Prairie Anti-Aging;
  • Givenchy – No Surgetics;
  • Guinot – Acti Rides.

Wrinkle Filling Cream

Creams of this segment from various manufacturers have a different composition. Basically, they speed up skin renewal. The main representatives are:

  • Juvena Instant;
  • anti-wrinkle cream Collistar;
  • Guam Microcellulaire;
  • collagen cream from L’Oreal.