wine lipstick

As a rule, when going shopping in search of wine-colored lipstick, women focus only on the deep and heady color of burgundy. But the range of such colors is much wider. It includes various raspberry, dark cherry, plum and other shades. Among such a variety, you can easily find a suitable option for your type of appearance.

Wine lipstick Collistar

Collistar Ti Amo Italia Millebaci (No. 56) and Collistar Vibrazioni Di Colore Lipstick (No. 73) are some of the best burgundy matte lipsticks. They are made in Italy using a special technology. They are based on an innovative formula, thanks to which:

  • lips are perfectly moisturized;
  • the color lays down evenly;
  • the shade retains its brightness for a long time.

Makeup with wine-colored lipstick from the Collistar trademark turns out to be expressive even for those who use shadows and blush in delicate shades. In addition, this cosmetic product has a special texture that allows you to make a clear contour without a pencil and give your lips extra volume.

Wine lipstick Gosh

Gosh wine lipstick will help you look truly luxurious in any situation. This brand has released a collection of Velvet Touch Lipstick. It has three wine shades:

  • Pretty (#169);
  • Boheme (#159);
  • Divine (#166).

Using them, you will give your lips a charming shade with a breathtaking velvet finish. The composition of the lipstick includes various natural ingredients that nourish and moisturize the skin of the lips. Thanks to this, it has a surprisingly comfortable and delicate texture. Gosh wine lipstick glides softly on the lips and does not spread beyond their contours. It does not roll, does not fade and retains the full depth of color throughout the day.

Wine lipstick Dolce & Gabbana

Want to buy a versatile wine lipstick for blondes and brunettes? Ideal for you:

  • Dolce&Gabbana Amethyst (#330);
  • Dahlia Red Wine (No. 320).

These lipsticks have a translucent texture. They can be applied in one coat as a gloss or more intensively for deep and rich color. This allows you to use Dolce & Gabbana lipsticks to complement light daytime makeup or brighten up an evening look.

Amethyst and Dahlia Red Wine nourish and moisturize the lips, so they can be used even in the winter season. They are ideal for when makeup needs to be done quickly, as their moist texture spreads on the lips on its own and does not require precise application.