White french nails

White french – this type of manicure, when the edge of the nail is painted over in white, and the plate is covered with pale pink or beige varnish. Such a manicure is suitable for both natural and extended nails of any shape, and is in harmony with almost any style.

Features of a white jacket on short nails

This type of manicure is universal and well suited as an everyday manicure for short nails, giving them a neat, well-groomed look.

It is believed that a white jacket suits any shape of nails, but with a small length, oval-shaped nails look more advantageous, on which a white stripe (sometimes called a smile) is painted over quite thinly, in a semicircle that goes along the sides of the nail.

On short square nails, a white jacket is easy to spoil with a too thick white line, due to which the nail is visually shortened, and its uneven shape.

In general, for short nails, the width of the white strip should be 1-2 millimeters and repeat the shape of the nail, that is, be straight or oval.

Nails white jacket with a pattern and rhinestones

In addition to the classic white jacket, other options are possible, including various patterns and nail decoration with rhinestones. But with short nails, care should be taken so that the manicure is not overloaded. It is better to choose a drawing that is unobtrusive, consisting of thin lines, and does not cover the entire nail plate. In the case of rhinestones, it is advisable not to stick them in large quantities, and not on all nails, but to limit yourself to individual decorations.

Today, many people complement the classic version of manicure with various decorative elements that allow you to create your own unique image.

Most often, floral patterns are used for painting nails. At the same time, drawings made in monochrome, and especially applied in white (the color of the tip of the nail) or black, look more strict and elegant. Such a manicure is suitable for a business lady, and for attending official events, and for a date. A wedding manicure is often performed in the same technique, with a pattern applied exclusively in white.

Among other colors for drawing a pattern on nails with a white jacket, various shades of pink, blue and lilac are most often used.

Recently, options for a white jacket with rhinestones and sparkles have become increasingly popular when decorating nails. Often, a smile line is distinguished with rhinestones, individual pebbles are glued to the edge of one or more nails, or, conversely, at the base of the nail.