chapped hands what to do

In winter, the thin skin of the hands requires special attention. Prolonged exposure to frost, the negative impact of wind and low temperatures provokes the appearance of redness and cracks. Such a problem takes many by surprise, because not everyone knows what to do if their hands are weathered. However, there is no need to worry about this, because by resorting to simple and affordable recipes, you can quickly restore the beauty of the skin.

What to do if your hands are weathered?

With a slight discomfort, when you come home, you can simply wash your hands with soap (it is better to use household soap) and lubricate the skin with cream. Any heavy cream will do. After a very short time, the epidermis heals.

At the next stage, home remedies are already used, including all kinds of masks and baths that will speed up healing.

What to do if your hands are very weathered, and what means to use at home?

You can quickly improve the epidermis and return it to its previous appearance by resorting to folk recipes. They are easy to use, affordable and effective:

  1. Oatmeal with Vitamin A saves cold-damaged skin. Liquid vitamin (capsule) is added to steamed oats. Hands are placed in this mixture for fifteen minutes.
  2. Also effective paraffin therapy. Dip the hands into the melted paraffin and take them out, allowing them to cool slightly. Then again immerse in the container. Repeat the steps until a thick layer of paraffin is formed. Then they put on mittens, and after half an hour everything is washed off.
  3. Bath of potato broth also helps if hands are chapped. They are immersed in hot water. Keep it until the composition is completely cool.

After all the activities, the hands are washed with water, dried and treated with a greasy cream or lubricated with olive oil. For best results, you can wear cotton gloves.