Washing with oatmeal - 6 effective recipes that will transform the skin of the face

The desire to look luxurious encourages ladies to be inventive. Many people practice washing with oatmeal. The popularity of this method is increasing day by day. This is partly due to the fact that purchased products may contain unsafe components. And they do not always give the promised result. This is where proven folk remedies come to the rescue.

Washing with oatmeal – benefits

washing with oatmeal benefits

These flakes have an incredibly rich chemical composition. It contains vitamins of groups B, E, PP. In addition, this product contains magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, sodium and other compounds. All of them together have a beneficial effect on the body. That’s why you need oatmeal for the skin – its benefits are as follows:

  1. Relieves inflammation – in the composition of the flakes there are miracle substances that work as antibiotics. They neutralize the action of pathogenic microorganisms, thereby improving the condition of the face.
  2. Soothes the skin – oats are rich in fiber, which, when interacting with water, forms mucus. Such a substance perfectly relieves irritation.
  3. Prevents the spread of infection – Washing with oatmeal is recommended when there are very few acne.
  4. Clears pores – flakes, like activated carbon, have an absorbent capacity. They attract debris and excess fat. As a result, the pores are cleared, and the problem of acne formation ceases to bother.
  5. Minimizes the negative effects of UV rays – trace elements present in the composition of the flakes form a thin protective layer on the surface. This “armor” slows down the process of photoaging.
  6. Tightens the skin Minerals stimulate the production of your own collagen and elastin. In addition, they bind free radicals, slowing down the aging process.

How to wash with oatmeal?

For such a procedure, the product must be properly prepared. Flakes should be ground in a mortar into flour or grind them in a coffee grinder. If oatmeal for washing is prepared for the future, such a powder should be kept in a tightly closed jar. The convenience is that at any time you can take the right amount of flour, dilute it with water and carry out a cleaning procedure.

Washing is done as follows:

  1. You need to put on a scarf on your head or fasten your hair with hairpins.
  2. If the procedure is carried out in the evening, make-up removal should be performed.
  3. The oatmeal mixture must be applied to the face and neck, and then rubbed into the skin with massaging movements.
  4. The healing composition is washed off.
  5. Cover the skin with cream.

However, before washing with oatmeal, it is important to make sure that there are no contraindications. These include the following states:

  1. The presence of open wounds on the skin. Although washing with oatmeal is possible with acne and acne, after surgery, burns or cuts, such a procedure will have to be temporarily abandoned.
  2. When is celiac disease diagnosed? – a pathological condition in which there is intolerance to gluten-containing cereals. When washing, oatmeal is used externally. However, there is still a small risk that a small amount of gluten will enter the bloodstream through the skin. As a result, this will provoke an allergic reaction.
  3. With dry seborrhea – washing with oatmeal diluted in water increases dryness and tightness of the skin.
  4. Presence of wet eczema – this procedure can increase the number of small bubbles.

Oatmeal Wash – Recipes

What ingredients are needed to prepare a cosmetic mixture depends largely on the type of problem. Washing with oatmeal recipe is easy to perform. This tool, in addition to flakes and water, may contain additional ingredients. Before you make it yourself, it is important to make sure that there is no allergic reaction to the components used.

Oatmeal for acne

oatmeal for acne

Flakes reduce inflammation, promote wound healing and give the face a healthy complexion. Based on them, you can prepare a cosmetic product with a cleansing effect. Before you wash your face with oatmeal for acne, it is important to make sure that there are no contraindications to performing such a procedure. In the absence of such, you can count on an amazing result.

Anti-acne remedy


  • coarse flakes – 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • water – approximately 70 ml.

Preparation, application

  1. The flakes are poured with such an amount of water that a semi-liquid mass is obtained.
  2. Wash your face with this mixture and leave it on for 4-5 minutes.
  3. The composition is washed off with warm water.
  4. You can perform this procedure daily.

Oatmeal for blackheads

To achieve the desired result, you need to seriously approach the choice of ingredients from which the cosmetic product will be prepared. For example, you should not use an instant product for this: such oatmeal for the skin will not benefit. The finished cosmetic product should be stored in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed glass container. The recommended shelf life is 3 days.

Oatmeal for the face from black dots


  • flakes crushed into flour – 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • warm water – 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • rice flour – 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • aloe juice – 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • glycerin – 1 tbsp. a spoon.

Preparation, application

  1. The ingredients are combined in a glass bowl and mixed thoroughly.
  2. Apply the mixture with gentle massaging movements on moistened skin.
  3. Hold for a couple of minutes and wash off.

Oatmeal for wrinkles

The cosmetic cleanser made from flakes rejuvenates the skin, restoring its tone and healthy color. At the same time, wrinkles are significantly smoothed out. Preparing such a cosmetic product is very simple. It is necessary to brew strong unsweetened black tea and pour powdered oatmeal into it. You should get a liquidy puree mass. You need to wash your face with oatmeal only after it has cooled to a comfortable temperature. If desired, this mixture can even be left on the face for 10-15 minutes, and then washed off.

Oatmeal for rosacea

oatmeal for rosacea

Red asterisks appear on the face due to circulatory disorders in the upper layers of the skin. The fluid stagnates in the capillaries and exerts a strong load on the walls of the vessels. As a result, they become brittle. To strengthen the capillaries, you can prepare medicinal mixtures at home. Most of the ingredients in these products are affordable.

Oatmeal for the face – washing with rosacea


  • inflorescences of pharmaceutical chamomile – 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • oatmeal – 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • olive oil – 50 ml.

Preparation, application

  1. Chamomile flakes are ground into powder.
  2. Mix with oil and apply the gruel with massaging movements on the face.
  3. Wash off after 4-5 minutes.

Oatmeal for enlarged pores

Miracle flakes will help solve this problem. To do this, a handful of oatmeal ground in a coffee grinder should be placed in a piece of gauze, folded in half. Then the bag must be tied and moistened with warm water. This wet pad should be carried out several times along the massage lines, and then washed. Such oatmeal for facial skin will give a positive result from the first application. Similar procedures can be carried out daily.

Oatmeal for swelling

The manganese present in the flakes helps to remove excess fluid. To prepare a decongestant cosmetic 1 tbsp. a spoonful of oatmeal should be poured 4 tbsp. tablespoons of water and bring the composition to a boil. Next, the broth must be cooled, strained and poured into ice molds. Such washing with oatmeal in the morning will help restore a healthy look to the face. To enhance the effect, the procedure can be repeated in the evening, but no later than 2 hours before bedtime.