face cream with vitamin c

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of vitamin C for the skin. First of all, this vitamin is a natural antioxidant, delaying the inevitable aging process. It also promotes the production of collagen and helps prevent excessive pigmentation.

Vitamin C Moisturizer

One of the highest quality creams of this kind is Renew Moisturizing CreamVitamin C SPF-25. The product consists entirely of unique components and even has a small amount of UV protection. The basis of the cream is ascorbyl palmitate, which is also vitamin C, as well as oils:

  • calendula;
  • grape seed;
  • shea butter and others.

All active ingredients contribute to better penetration of nutrients into the deep layers of the epidermis, and the skin acquires a well-groomed appearance.

Vitamin C Day Cream

Daily cream Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Day CreamSPF 15 most suitable for all skin types and all seasons. Optimally maintains skin moisture throughout the day and perfectly evens out complexion. Vitamin C is also the main component, and, in addition to it, the following unique substances are included:

  • arctic cloudberry seed oil;
  • nectar;
  • reflective pigment and others.

The cream has a pleasant structure and is evenly distributed on the skin without leaving a film and shine.

Vitamin C eye cream

In the facility Clinians Vitamina Cream fresh vitamin C is used, which allows you to refresh the skin around the eyes, smooth wrinkles and even out color. In addition, applying this contour cream at night can completely get rid of such trouble as bags under the eyes.

When choosing a face cream, the purchase should be taken very seriously. A face cream with vitamin C cannot have a low price, since high-quality natural ingredients in themselves are an expensive product.