Vacuum facial cleansing - how is the procedure in the salon, and how to do it at home?

Vacuum facial cleansing is a very popular procedure today, which can be carried out both in the salon and at home. It is painless and effective. The result of vacuum cleaning compares favorably with the consequences of a manual procedure, which, among other things, also causes a lot of discomfort. For this, many of the fair sex fell in love with her.

Vacuum facial cleaning – pros and cons

Vacuum has a positive effect on the epidermis, so cleaning with its use has many advantages:

  1. Efficiency. Vacuum draws all the microparticles that pollute the pores to the surface and removes the top layer of dead cells.
  2. Painlessness. Vacuum cleaning of the face does not cause any discomfort.
  3. Stimulation of blood microcirculation. Thanks to the procedure, the metabolism is accelerated, and the epidermis begins to receive a sufficient amount of oxygen.
  4. No scars or puffiness. Vacuum facial cleansing leaves no traces behind. After the procedure, only slight redness is possible.
  5. Improvement in skin color. Vacuum treatment returns a healthy glow to the face.
  6. Wrinkle smoothing. The effect is achieved by stimulating collagen synthesis.

As you can see, vacuum facial cleaning is really effective, but its disadvantages cannot be ignored. The main problem is the short-term result. Positive changes become noticeable after the first procedure, but even with proper care, cleaning will have to be repeated after a while. In addition, vacuum processing is purely cosmetic. That is, it only provides cleansing of the pores, but is not suitable for combating inflammation and other dermatological problems.

Which is better – vacuum cleaning of the face or ultrasonic?

what is better vacuum cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning

Both of these procedures are popular due to their simplicity, painlessness and effectiveness. In the cabin, both vacuum and ultrasound treatment is carried out under conditions of complete sterility. Since the result of both procedures is equally high quality, it is definitely impossible to say which facial cleansing is better – vacuum or ultrasonic. It is advisable to make the choice yourself, based on the advice of a cosmetologist and personal experience.

Vacuum facial cleansing – indications and contraindications

Facial Vacuum helps to get rid of blackheads, unclog pores and restore a healthy complexion. The procedure is carried out using a special device that allows you to clean all the most inaccessible places – such as the chin or areas near the wings of the nose. Vacuum salon facial cleansing can be done without a referral from a doctor, but before the session, you should still consult a specialist and familiarize yourself with the available contraindications.

Vacuum facial cleansing – contraindications

Although vacuum pore cleansing is considered a gentle procedure, it is not suitable for some. Beauticians recommend that people with thin and dry skin refuse this method of cleaning. It is undesirable to resort to it and those who suffer from problems with blood vessels. Vacuum cleaning of the face is also contraindicated in some other cases – with:

  • the presence of acne or rosacea;
  • demodicosis;
  • rosacea;
  • any acute inflammatory processes in the body.

Vacuum facial cleansing – indications

One of the main indications is oily skin type. The owners of such specialists strongly do not recommend resorting to the mechanical form of the procedure – it activates the work of the sebaceous glands, and the existing problems will only get worse. It is also recommended to use a vacuum for facial cleansing when:

  • violation of the turgor of the epidermis;
  • minor skin defects;
  • acne (only not inflamed);
  • decrease in skin tone;
  • medium degree of contamination of the epidermis with large pores.

How to do vacuum cleaning of the face?

how to do a vacuum facial

For the procedure, a special apparatus for vacuum cleaning is used – the face. The whole process – taking into account the preparatory and final activities – takes about 1.5 – 2 hours. Vacuum cleaning of the skin of the face does not cause discomfort, but it does not provide deep penetration, therefore dermatologists advise combining it with other procedures.

Vacuum facial cleaning in a beauty salon

The procedure consists of several stages:

  1. Training. Properly carried out, it helps to achieve the most effective result. The skin before applying the vacuum must be well cleaned with gels, foams and lotions. Means are needed to remove various mechanical impurities and sebum. After that, the epidermis needs to be steamed so that the pores expand. Vaporization involves irrigating the skin with steam and allows the use of special masks. At the very end of the preparation, de-encrustation is carried out – treatment of the skin with a low-power electric current, which further expands the pores and helps to get rid of excess sebum.
  2. Vacuum cleaning of the face in the salon. The device used during the procedure has several interchangeable nozzles. All of them perform different functions. The coracoid is needed for cleaning oily areas of the skin, the flat ones are used to treat wrinkles, and the round one improves the outflow of lymph.
  3. Final stage. It is very important to complete the procedure correctly. After cleaning, superficial peeling should be carried out – this will help remove dead and exfoliated particles from the epidermis – and then a mask is applied to the face that narrows the pores.

Vacuum face cleaning at home

vacuum cleaning of the face at home

It is really possible to repeat the procedure you like on your own at home. Anyone can buy a manual vacuum cleaner. The main thing is to make purchases in specialized trusted stores and adhere to the rules of the procedure described above. Skin treatment is performed only along the massage lines from the center of the face. The procedure should last no longer than 10 minutes. Like the salon, vacuum cleaning of the face at home involves preparatory and final activities.

How often can you do a vacuum cleaning of the face?

For each person, the regularity of procedures is determined individually. The frequency of their conduct depends on the type of epidermis, its condition and some other factors. Owners of sensitive dry skin, for example, need one vacuum cleaning of facial pores every 3-4 months. With normal and combined epidermis, the procedure should be carried out more often – once every 2-3 months. Owners of oily skin should be cleaned once a month, but not more often.

Skin care after vacuum cleaning

To fix the result of the procedure, after its completion, the skin needs to be looked after in a special way. On the day when the vacuum cleaning of the pores was carried out, it is undesirable to use aggressive products. It is best to wipe the skin with soft milk or foam. You can start using regular creams after a couple of days. If cosmetics provide skin protection and antioxidant properties, this will be ideal.

After cleaning, you can not use scrubs and peels. Peeling particles should fall off on their own. If there is no inflammation, you can apply nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating masks to your face. Microdamages are recommended to be treated with antiseptic solutions, cool compresses or herbal decoctions of chamomile, calendula, sage.