types of eye makeup

The main component of almost any type of makeup is the design of the eyes – it is on the eyes, their depth and expressiveness, that the emphasis is most often placed. When performing eye makeup, it is important not only to take into account the preferred color range of decorative cosmetics, but also the shape of the eyes, the depth of their fit, the distance between the eyes. It is also important to take into account the appropriateness of makeup details depending on the environment. About what types of eye makeup are, what are their names, we will talk further.

Different types of eye makeup

Types of eye makeup can be classified according to various parameters. Most often, the following types are distinguished depending on the factors that we will consider below.

Makeup technique

The number and shades of the means used are determined, first of all, by the time of day. Considering this, distinguish:

  1. Day makeup – the main purpose of this type of makeup is to emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes; at the same time, too bright colors are not used, too much cosmetics are not superimposed.
  2. Evening makeup – when performing this type of makeup, artificial lighting should be taken into account, which can distort shades; in this case, it is appropriate to use saturated, bright and contrasting tones.

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Seasonality and color type

Some makeup artists offer different types of makeup depending on the time of year, determined mainly by the range of cosmetic shades used:

  1. Winter – white, silver, blue, blue colors.
  2. Spring – green, pink, blue shades.
  3. Summer – green, blue, purple tones.
  4. Autumn – orange, brown, beige shades.
  5. Depending on the color scheme used, two types of makeup are also distinguished:

    1. “Warm” – the predominance of beige, yellow, green, brown shades.
    2. “Cold” – the predominance of pink, gray, purple and blue shades.

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Depending on which event you plan to attend, there are also several types of makeup:

  1. Business – discreet, most natural, expressive make-up.
  2. Solemn, festive – bright, involving more complex techniques.
  3. Carnival – creative, as bright as possible.
  4. For a date – romantic, sexy, hiding flaws.

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Eye shape

Makeup can vary in technique and color scheme and saturation depending on the characteristics of the eyes, which involves masking imperfections. So, different types of makeup are for:

  • round eyes;
  • almond-shaped eyes;
  • small eyes;
  • close-set eyes;
  • wide-set eyes;
  • slanted eyes;
  • bulging eyes;
  • eyes with downturned corners;
  • deep-set eyes, etc.

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