Tunnels in the ears

A few years ago, tunnels in the ears were not particularly popular and were considered an attribute of the avant-garde and informal youth. Now the situation has changed and there are more and more fans and admirers of this type of piercing. For some, the tunnels cause delight, for some – disgust, someone simply does not understand them, but they definitely attract attention. To decide whether to make tunnels in your ears or not, you need to get as much information about this type of piercing and its consequences.

Tunnel installation technology

How tunnels are made in the ears is easy to guess.

There are only three methods:

  • expansion of the puncture;
  • lobe incision;
  • making a hole with a scalpel.

The first method is suitable for patient people and involves gradually stretching the hole in the earlobe to the desired size. In addition, the slow expansion of the piercing helps determine the optimal earring diameter.

The second, cardinal method is practiced infrequently. The cut is made only if the client is sure of the desired dimensions of the tunnel and is in a hurry to install it.

The third option is used only with anesthesia and is quite dangerous, because. there is a risk of tearing the earlobe. It is chosen by extreme sportsmen in order to install tunnels of very large diameters.

Types of tunnels

The variety of such piercing allows you to choose an earring for every taste. After the earlobe is pierced and healed, a 3 mm dilator is installed in the future tunnels in the ears. Then you just need to select the desired diameter and continue stretching.

The most popular, due to their accuracy, are the following types of tunnels:

  1. Tunnels in the ears 5 mm. The most miniature earrings can be decorated with rhinestones, precious and semi-precious stones.
  2. Tunnels 8 mm in the ears. The most common and fashionable size. Looks neat, but already eye-catching.
  3. Tunnels in the ears 10 mm. Here we can already talk about courage: an earring of 1 cm is quite noticeable, covering almost the entire earlobe.

Care. Like any intervention in the body, tunnels in the ears have their consequences. The most common of them can be considered suppuration, which occurs solely due to improper care or its complete absence. Therefore, you should carefully follow the instructions of the piercing master or seek instructions from a doctor.

Aesthetics. Not everyone can appreciate the beauty of tunnels as decorations, often reproaching their owners for unsuccessful attempts to stand out from the gray mass. It should be remembered that this type of piercing has existed for a long time and is one of the ways to decorate yourself, just like earrings, clips and cafes. Moreover, it is not necessary to install the largest tunnel in the ear by 4-5 cm, it is enough to pick up something miniature and stylish. Small tunnels or plugs in the girls’ ears look very neat, emphasize the individuality and the chosen image. In addition, there will be no problems if you decide to get rid of the piercing.

Reversibility. Many people believe that if the tunnels are removed, a mark will remain for life. This common misconception is only partly true. tunnels in the ears 10 mmand the appearance of scars depends only on the selected size of the piercing.

Tunnels in the ears up to 1 cm overgrow on their own, there will be a barely noticeable scar, like from a puncture for ordinary earrings. If the diameter does not exceed 3 cm, the hole from the earring will also grow. True, it will take more time and there will be a small scar on the earlobe. Difficulties will cause getting rid of large tunnels (4-5 cm). In this case, it will be necessary to surgically cut off the drooping part of the lobe and suture it. This procedure will naturally leave a noticeable scar. But it, with a strong desire, is easy to remove with the help of plastic surgery.