hip tendinosis

Tendinosis disease is diagnosed in professional athletes and people who, by the nature of their activities, expose the body to excessive physical exertion. Consider what pathology is and whether it is possible to get rid of it with the help of folk recipes.

Hip tendinosis – what is it?

Tendinitis or tendinosis is a pathology resulting from inflammation in the muscle ligaments and surrounding tissues. As a rule, the process is localized at the junction of the bone and ligament. Tendinosis is accompanied by severe pain and decreased mobility.

If the pathology develops regardless of physical activity, it is caused by age-related changes that the body undergoes after 40 years. By this time, the ligamentous apparatus is weakening. Nevertheless, pathology can be detected even in a teenager.

How to treat hip tendinosis?

The main direction of treatment is physiotherapy:

  1. It is necessary to reduce the load on the hip joint.
  2. To eliminate the inflammatory process, magnetic procedures, as well as laser therapy, UHF are recommended.
  3. During movement, the patient should use crutches or a cane to relieve the load on the joint.
  4. If possible, a course of mud or paraffin baths is shown.

Drug therapy involves the use of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Corticosteroid injections are given.

You can increase the effectiveness of the treatment of tendinosis of the hip joint with folk recipes.

Treatment of tendinosis folk remedies

A tincture of walnut partitions has a good effect.

tincture recipe


  • partitions – glass;
  • alcohol – 500 ml.

Preparation and application

Partitions are washed and dried. The prepared raw materials are poured with alcohol and insisted for 3 weeks on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Use a tablespoon three times a day.

Seasoning curcumin will help to cope with the problem. Every day you need to add 0.5 g of seasoning to cooked food.

Bird cherry decoction is no less effective.

decoction recipe


  • fresh fruits – 3 tbsp. l.;
  • boiling water – a glass.

Preparation and application

The fruits are poured with boiling water and put the container in a steam bath for 20 minutes. Several sips of the decoction are drunk after each meal. If dry berries are used, a decoction is prepared by boiling the fruits for 5 minutes.