Tattoos in intimate placesWomen’s intimate tattoos were popular long before our era. For example, in the fourth millennium BC. the inhabitants of Mesopotamia decorated their breasts with the sun, moon and stars, depicted floral ornaments on their stomachs, and below they depicted the “king’s house”. Such tattoos on intimate places were almost an integral decoration of the female body.

Modern intimate female tattoos

The theme of modern intimate tattoos is very diverse and depends on the goal that a woman wants to achieve. In an artistic tattoo, intimate sketches are not always erotic in nature. Intimacy is rather due to the location of the pattern: on the chest, lower abdomen, buttocks, pubis and lower back. For each representative of the weaker sex, such a tattoo has a special meaning.

Intimate tattoos for girls usually symbolize individuality, originality, purity and femininity. The flower theme in such cases is most relevant. Often flowers are selected according to the sign of the horoscope. Violet is recommended for Aries, daisies for Taurus, Hawthorn for Twins, Oak Leaves for Crayfish, Holly for Lions, Hazel Branches for Virgos, Bindweed for Libra, Hop Flowers for Scorpios, Chrysanthemums for Sagittarius, Holly for Capricorns, Snowdrops for Aquarius, and Primrose for Pisces. .

But intimate tattoos for women most often serve to spice up relationships, intrigue, diversify sexual relationships.

Not every woman chooses erotic drawings. This topic is much more popular with men. But tattoos on intimate places are more often done by women.

Tattoos on the chest. The main theme of such tattoos are flowers – a symbol of tenderness and beauty. There is an opinion that tattoos on the chest are dangerous. But in fact, in the absence of pathologies, they do not threaten anything. The only thing to consider is age-related changes. It is not recommended to make tattoos on the nipples, they are usually framed with flower patterns or ornaments.

Tattoos on the pubis. Intimate pubic tattoos are erotic or symbolic in nature. In addition to flowers, butterflies and cats, scorpions are especially popular.

The most popular tattoos in intimate places:

  • until recently, the image of a butterfly was considered a hallmark of prostitutes. But now that tattoo art is taking on a more artistic meaning, many symbols and images have regained their original meanings that our ancestors endowed them with. Butterfly is a symbol of rebirth, freedom, beauty and sophistication. Among different peoples, the butterfly was endowed with the best qualities, associated with the human soul, immortality;
  • scorpion in Japan is considered a symbol of courage, in combination with a flower – fidelity, love, long married life;
  • cats represent grace, sexuality, unpredictability, and self-sufficiency. Wild cats symbolize courage, strength, freedom. The erotic meaning of the drawings of cats gives the mystery of this animal. In the cultures of many peoples, these animals were considered sacred and endowed with magical abilities;
  • with the development of realism in tattoo art, images of portraits and photographs become popular. As intimate tattoos for girls, the photo of a lover is symbolic – a sign of fidelity and eternal love. Most often this is an original gift for a man. Although, for an intimate tattoo, the photo is not entirely suitable due to physiological characteristics.

When making a tattoo in intimate places, you can forget about prejudices – after all, this kind of jewelry is absolutely not intended for prying eyes. Here you can realize all your imagination and desires.