tattoo styles

Decorating yourself with tattoos has recently become very fashionable. But those who want to get a similar pattern on the body invariably face the question of choice. After all, not only the semantic load is important to us, but also the beauty of execution. And to make it easier to decide on the last point, you should familiarize yourself with the main styles of tattoos in advance.

Tattoo in ethnic style

There are a lot of styles of tattoos, one of the most extensive, including many subgroups, is the ethnic style.

Indian Style Tattoos

The most popular tattoos are in the Mayan or Aztec style. Often they are confused, considering the same, but this is not true. In principle, it is difficult to make tattoos in the Mayan style, since only some examples of the font and fine art of this people have come down to us. But it is known that the Maya were a very warlike people and many tattoos were made to indicate their military achievements, the most skilled warriors were covered with paintings from head to toe. They also made tattoos for religious purposes, they even had a deity Akat, dedicated to drawing pictures on the body.

The Aztecs, on the other hand, used tattoos more for religious purposes, although they also made tattoos to mark their victories. But to a greater extent, tattoos were a tribute to their faith. The Aztecs considered themselves children of the Sun, which is why today you can often see the Aztec Sun tattoo. In addition, tattoos “feathered serpent” – the god of weather and “eagle” – the god of warriors are also popular. In general, tattoos in the Aztec style are characterized by the complexity of the pattern and a large number of small details.

Tattoos in the Polynesian style

In such tattoos, the motifs of the New Zealand Maori tribe are used. Such tattoos involve a large number of spiral patterns, radially diverging lines, ribbons and waves. Symmetry is also important in Polynesian style tattoos.

Tattoos in the Slavic style

Unlike many other tattoo styles, the Slavic style is still being formed. The basis is diamond-shaped patterns, dots, crosses and commas. Often the Slavic style includes tattoos made based on epics and Russian folk tales.

Tattoos in oriental style

Of the oriental tattoos, we are most familiar with drawings in Indian, Japanese and Chinese styles. Indian tattoos are often associated with temporary henna designs. The most commonly used floral ornaments and divine beings. Sanskrit inscriptions are also quite popular, they combine the deep meaning and beauty of the whimsical Devangari. Chinese tattoos are increasingly limited to hieroglyphs and dragons of various shapes and colors.

The Japanese tattoo is also very recognizable with traditional characters, cherry blossoms, large images of geisha and samurai. Recently, due to the popularization of anime (Japanese cartoons), tattoos in this style have also become popular.

Anime tattoos

Initially, tattoos in this style were considered part of the Japanese (Oriental) technique, but recently the popularity of anime has increased dramatically, and the number of tattoos on this topic has also grown. Anime-style tattoos depict characters from famous cartoons or manga, some quote from the anime you like can be located nearby. A portrait of a person (beloved girl, for example) can also be depicted in the same style in which Japanese cartoon characters are drawn.

Fantasy tattoos

All fantasy-themed tattoos fall into this category – the classic characters of Tolkien and Salvatore, illustrations of works of urban fantasy (“Secret City” by Panov). Most often, tattoos are copied from the paintings of artists working in the fantasy style. Connoisseurs of this topic sometimes put mottos written in Quenya or Sindarin (Tolkien’s Elvish languages) on the body.

Gothic style tattoos

Gothic tattoos can be divided into several varieties. These can be tattoos related to vampire and werewolf themes – bats, vampires, wolves howling at the moon, etc.

These can be images of symbols of ancient religions – Ankh (Egyptian cross with a handle), Celtic cross, pentacle (as a symbol of the microcosm).

Also, rock-style tattoos can be attributed to gothic tattoos, due to the love of representatives of the gothic subculture for such music.

And of course, these are tattoos with inscriptions made in the Gothic font, as well as tattoos with symbols of death and eternal life.