shampoo shower gel

Surely, many have seen 2 in 1 shampoo-shower gels on store shelves – products that can be used both for washing hair and for cleansing the skin of the body. Most often, such products are produced for men and children, but you can also find options for women.

Can shower gel be used as shampoo?

The composition of modern shampoos and shower gels is almost identical. Some differences between shampoo and shower gel are only in the concentration of the main washing ingredients (foaming agents, detergents, etc.) and the list of useful and aromatic additives. Therefore, in fact, any quality shampoo can be used to wash the body and, conversely, a good shower gel can be used to wash the hair, especially if the products are made on an organic basis.

But, of course, this is still not worth doing, except in case of emergency. Indeed, in order to provide hair with not only good cleansing, but also care, shampoo should be selected individually, based on the type of hair and their needs. The same is true with shower gel, which is selected depending on the characteristics of the skin.

Application of shower gel shampoo

Complex universal products 2 in 1 – shampoo-shower gels – are more often produced as a travel kit with a practical purpose. Those. they are very convenient to use on trips, as well as, for example, taking a shower after a workout, visiting the pool. But there are also similar medical remedies that are used, for example, for the prevention and treatment of diseases that affect both the scalp and the body.

Conducting a brief review, we can distinguish shampoo-shower gels from the following manufacturers:

  • ultra-soft product for complex hair and body care Active Fitness from “Floralis” (Belarus);
  • toning shampoo-shower gel with ginger from Nectarome (Morocco);
  • shampoo-shower gel “Terbinakod” for the prevention of dandruff, fungal infections, seborrheic dermatitis from “PhytoBioTechnology” (Ukraine).