purple lipstick

Lipstick can easily change the image. To look stylish and attractive, you need to approach the choice responsibly and judiciously. You need to pay special attention to the use of purple lipstick in makeup. This is a rather specific color, which nevertheless has become very popular lately. It is actively used by world-famous makeup artists and celebrities.

Who wears purple lipstick?

Both light lilac and deep purple shades of lipsticks have become equally fashionable. It is difficult to stop the choice on any one color:

  1. For brown-haired women or owners of curls of delicate chestnut and copper color with green and gray-green eyes, it is better to give preference to saturated shades: ripe plums, lilac and purple-reddish, bright grape.
  2. The bright purple lipstick looks perfect on the lips of a burning brunette. Ink, blueberry, indigo shades are suitable for the same type.
  3. Fair-haired representatives of the fair sex need to choose from a light range. Lipsticks of a shade of lavender, violet, transparent lilac or gray-violet look great on blondes.

Makeup with purple lipstick should also be combined with the overall look:

  1. Very good color combined with different shades of green.
  2. At a gala event, purple lipstick can be complemented with different shades of gold. The image in this case will turn out to be very stylish and memorable.
  3. Against the backdrop of bright outfits in yellow or orange, purple lipstick will look more daring. Delicate beige tones, on the contrary, will soften it.
  4. If your choice fell on lilac lipstick, try to complement the image with translucent clothing details. This will make it easy, relaxed, but at the same time mysterious.

In no case should we forget that purple lipstick will look good only on well-groomed lips. Otherwise, irregularities and roughness will be evident.

The best brands of light and dark purple lipsticks

You can definitely say which purple lipstick will suit your lips – matte or glossy, liquid or in a tube – only after a few experiments. But you can definitely choose something worthwhile from these brands:

  • Dior Rouge 786 – Misterios Mauve;
  • Ellis Faas Creamy lips, shade L102;
  • Tom Ford Lip Color in Violette Fatal;
  • MAC Satin in Cyber;
  • NYX Lipstick Sweet Pink (MLS17);
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Aura;
  • NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream, Temptress shade;
  • YSL Baby Doll Kiss&Blush in Prune Impertinente;
  • Lancome Rouge in Love, in Violette Coquette.