nose piercing

Nose piercing in some Eastern countries is an important element of cultural tradition. In our country, this type of decoration has become popular not too long ago.

The first who decided on extravagant punctures was the rebellious youth. So they showed their protest against the cruel world of adults. Today, nose piercing is the most popular type of piercing for girls.

Types of nose piercing

The most popular is the nose wing piercing (heals from 4 to 6 weeks). This is the simplest and most problem-free type of piercing. The specialist makes a puncture in the wing of the nose and puts on a piece of jewelry, which is a special screw. Outside, it looks like a metal pebble or ball, and inside – a special hook designed for secure fixation. The wound will require careful and meticulous care. If you want to change an earring, be sure to do it while exhaling, otherwise you might accidentally inhale it.

extreme nose piercing

  1. The septum is one of the most painful of all facial punctures (heals in 6 to 8 weeks). This type of piercing is only possible for an experienced specialist, because the piercing is done strictly perpendicular to the nose, otherwise the jewelry will be crooked.
  2. Vertical piercing – the hole runs along the center of the nose line, from the very base to the tip. The difficulty lies in the fact that the specialist, making a puncture, does not damage the septum. The procedure is very painful and takes a long time to heal.
  3. Bridge piercing – a piercing above the nose, just below the eyebrow line (heals from 6 to 10 weeks).
  4. Deep nose piercing – wing piercing is much higher than the usual level. Badly healing and painful puncture. This is due to the fact that it is carried out directly in the cartilage.

Nose piercing jewelry

Of course, a beautiful nose piercing cannot be achieved without well-chosen jewelry. A real nose piercing is decorated with either a ring or a carnation. Only carnations can be placed in a strictly defined place, and rings are more diverse. Piercing jewelry should be hypoallergenic, that is, not have an adverse effect on the skin. It can be gold, platinum, titanium and some other metals. Silver is never used for nose piercings during the healing period, as it can cause swelling, an allergic reaction, or leave a stain on the nose.

For spetum, jewelry in the form of horseshoes and rings is most often used.

Popular decorations are various figurines in the form of hearts, dolphins, and the moon.

Nose piercing care

There are no special nuances and difficulties in caring for a piercing. Until the final healing of the puncture, it must be treated with an antiseptic (which will be prescribed by a specialist) 2 times a day. No need to fiddle or take out the earring.

Consequences of a nose piercing

Despite the simplicity of nose piercing, it has its own contraindications and negative consequences.

Nose piercing should not be done if:

  • there is a risk of developing keloid formations in the places of wounds;
  • have an allergy to metals;
  • there are clotting problems nose piercing jewelryblood or other blood-related diseases (diabetes, leukemia, hepatitis);
  • pregnancy or menstruation;
  • there are congenital diseases of the kidneys, heart, as well as the presence of sinusitis, bronchial asthma and skin diseases.

Even if you get a puncture in the cabin, there is a risk of complications such as blood poisoning, infection, and swelling. In the event of an abscess, you need to urgently consult a doctor who will help you find the cause of the infection and suggest the right treatment.

In some cases, the puncture oozes a clear liquid – lymph. This is absolutely normal, it can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide.