makeup for big eyes

If Nature has given you big eyes, you are truly lucky. And the point is not only in natural beauty, but also in practicality: after all, you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort on eye makeup. But still, it is worth adhering to some recommendations.

Makeup rules for big eyes

Makeup for big eyes has its own rules and nuances that it is advisable to take into account. We list the main ones:

  1. Only thin, smooth lines should be used when creating outlines. To do this, you can use liquid eyeliner or a well-sharpened soft eyeliner.
  2. When drawing contours, it is necessary to avoid the effect of “opening” the eyes and draw lines not along the outer, but along the inner side of the growth of eyelashes.
  3. Large eyes do not require an increase in eyelashes, neither in length nor in density. Therefore, mascara should be applied only in one thin layer, preferably only on the upper eyelid.
  4. Be sure to pay attention to the eyebrows. For large eyes, a wide cut of the eyebrow line looks harmonious, so you should not narrow them. In this case, the shape of the eyebrows can be any.
  5. To give the eyes depth, “bottomlessness”, it is recommended to use dark shades of shadows. The most suitable for daytime are beige and gray tones, and in the evening – more saturated, bright.

Also, when choosing shades of eye shadow, it is necessary to take into account their natural color, because. wrong combinations of tones can create the effect of dull, inexpressive eyes.

Makeup for big brown eyes

The most suitable shades for makeup of large dark brown eyes are white and gray, which contrast perfectly with them, adding expressiveness and attentiveness to the look. For golden brown eyes, lavender or turquoise shades are recommended.

Makeup for big green eyes

Girls with big green eyes are best to use shades of brown and golden tones, as well as pink, purple, copper shades. Using shades of purple shades, you can achieve the emerald color of the iris.

Makeup for big blue eyes

The shade of blue eyes is especially prone to change depending on the lighting and on the choice of tones in makeup. In order to emphasize the natural color of large blue eyes, you can use orange shades as a base shade. You can also use shades of peach, brownish, copper.

Makeup for big gray eyes

You can shade large gray eyes with almost any shade of eyeshadow, but make-up using metallic and dark blue shades will be especially attractive. Complex multi-color makeup will also look very beautiful.

Makeup for big bulging eyes

You can visually eliminate the bulge of large eyes by applying darker shades of shadows to those parts of the eyelids that protrude. In this case, the strokes should be slightly stretched up to the eyebrows. The following shades of shadows are recommended: blue, gray, purple. In this case, mother-of-pearl shadows must be abandoned.