keratin eyelash lift

Today, there are many ways to lengthen and eyelashes and give them splendor and volume. One of the most modern methods is keratin eyelash lifting.

What does keratin lifting give?

This method, in contrast to the popular extension and perm, does not damage the hairs, but, on the contrary, restores their structure. And all thanks to the nutrients used in the procedure. With this method you can:

  • make eyelashes more voluminous;
  • give them a bend;
  • create a wide-open eye effect.

Keratin Eyelash Lift Technology

Eyelash lifting involves the passage of several stages:

  1. Eyelash cleaning and degreasing treatment.
  2. Applying a skin softener.
  3. Installing a silicone pad and attaching hairs to it.
  4. Treatment of cilia with serum, which ensures their fixation. It also forms the basis for the subsequent application of the pigment.
  5. The next step in the creatine eyelash lift is the application of pigment, which can be black, blue or brown.
  6. Next, the hairs are filled with keratin.

Benefits of Keratin Eyelash Lift

In general, the duration of the procedure is about one and a half hours. After it, you will not feel any discomfort, you will not need to follow any additional rules. The advantage of the technology is that you can, without fear of damage to the cilia, do any business:

  • sleep with your face turned into a pillow;
  • apply any cosmetic preparations;
  • use contact lenses;
  • swim and dive in the pool or the sea.

The main rule is not to wet or rub your eyes during the first day, since the end result will manifest itself precisely after this period of time.