Itchy back after sunburn

Sunbathing and trying to get a beautiful tan is almost an essential attribute of a beach holiday. But there are cases when, after exposure to the sun, the skin begins to itch. And perhaps the most common area subject to such discomfort is the back and shoulders, which are usually exposed to the sun the most.

Why does my back itch after sunbathing?

There are several main reasons why itching may occur:

  1. Sunburn. The most common and easily recognizable problem, as it is accompanied not only by itching, but also by redness and soreness of the skin.
  2. The skin dries out and begins to peel off. Usually this phenomenon occurs with prolonged intense tanning without the use of protective and moisturizing agents.
  3. Increased sensitivity to ultraviolet light. It is essentially an allergy to direct sun exposure, also called solar dermatitis.
  4. Allergycaused by the use of cosmetics with photoactive ingredients.

What to do if your back itches after sunbathing?

  1. Take a shower, preferably cool. In addition, wiping and rinsing problem areas with chamomile decoction gives a good effect.
  2. With sunburn, in the absence of special means, lubrication of the back with kefir, sour cream or yogurt will help reduce itching.
  3. Apply a moisturizer to the skin. One of the best ways, regardless of the cause of itching, is Panthenol or its analogues.
  4. If, after sunbathing, the back is very itchy, and there are no signs of a sunburn Why does my back itch after sunburn?observed, it is probably an allergic reaction. And the first thing to do is to take any antihistamine drug.
  5. If itching is caused by peeling of the skin, then you should use a soft scrub, and only then treat the skin with moisturizers.

And in any case, regardless of the reason, it is necessary to refrain from sunbathing until the symptoms disappear completely, and in the future, do not neglect protective agents before going out into the sun, and moisturizers after.