how to strengthen eyelashes

Expressive eyes, framed by long fluffy eyelashes, attract everyone’s attention and make the woman’s face especially spiritual. Unfortunately, eyelashes, like other components of a woman’s appearance, are affected by negative factors. Daily staining, malnutrition, stressful situations and unfavorable ecology do not have the best effect on the condition of eyelashes. For many ladies, the question is really relevant: how to strengthen eyelashes?

How to strengthen eyelashes at home?

If, along with the loss of eyelashes, there are other health problems, then it is imperative to consult a doctor and undergo the recommended course of therapy. If there are no organic disorders, then the eyelashes should be strengthened. If you have free time and finances, you can seek help in a beauty parlor. But there are a number of proven ways to strengthen eyelashes at home.

Eyelash strengthening products

Oils for eyelashes

Eyelashes, in fact, are the same hair, and therefore masks based on herbal ingredients and vitamins are quite suitable for strengthening them. The most popular is oil for strengthening eyelashes. Castor, peach, almond, rosehip, linseed and burdock oils work best on eyelashes. They perfectly soften and smooth the thin skin of the eyelids and nourish the follicles, thanks to which the eyelashes grow intensively. Any of the vegetable oils is applied to the skin cleansed of makeup, while gently rubbed into the eyelids with fingertips.

With success, you can use a mixture of oily vitamin A and E solutions. The composition is most conveniently stored in a thoroughly washed mascara case and applied with a brush. This vitamin solution can be added to any of the oils to enhance the effect of its effects.

eyelash strengthening oil

To strengthen the eyelashes, you can make your own masks. An excellent tonic is a mixture of three tablespoons of cocoa butter and one tablespoon of rum. The composition can be stored for a long time on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and applied with a soft brush to the eyelashes at least once a week for 15 minutes. Rinse off the mask with a cotton swab dipped in water.

Herbal baths

Excellent results can be achieved by applying swabs moistened with a decoction of green tea, sage, chamomile or cornflower flowers, parsley leaves to the eyelids. As a result of the procedure, eyelashes are strengthened, the skin of the eyelids is toned, and redness and swelling disappear. Lubricating them with freshly squeezed juice of aloe, carrots and parsley also has a good effect on the condition of the eyelashes.