how to paint with foundation and powder

Almost all women tint and powder their skin. This is what helps to hide all minor flaws and quickly make the complexion more even. But in order for the makeup to be natural and look beautiful, you need to know how to properly paint with foundation and powder.

How to paint with foundation and powder?

It is important to know how to apply foundation and powder correctly and quickly for those who do both day and evening makeup. They always do it in the following way:

  1. Apply a moisturizer, moving from the center of the face towards the hair growth zones (this is necessary so that the foundation fits well).
  2. how to apply foundation and powder 1

  3. A foundation is applied, smearing it over the entire surface of the face, and not applied with strokes that need to be shaded, as there will be spots.
  4. how to apply foundation and powder 2

  5. A small amount of a lighter foundation is applied under the eyes (shading from the inner corner to the end).
  6. how to apply foundation and powder 3

  7. Powder the face when the foundation is completely dry.
  8. how to apply foundation and powder 4

The foundation always starts to be applied from the forehead and the center of the cheeks, then they put a few dots on the chin and shade everything in the direction of the growth of body hairs (only if they are on the face). A small amount can be applied to the lips and eyelids.

Can powder be applied over foundation?

After the foundation dries, the complexion becomes even and beautiful. But there may be an oily sheen. Do I need to apply the powder directly on the foundation in this case? Yes! It is this tool that will eliminate it and fix the tinting layer.

Many women do not know if it is possible to apply powder without foundation, and always use it only after foundation. But with a small natural brush or applicator, the powder can also be applied over the moisturizing layer of the cream if you have an even and fresh complexion. But this option is only suitable for daytime makeup. This technique is good to use only in the T-zone or for the entire face if you have a combination or oily skin type.