How to color eyebrows with shadows

Eyebrow shadows are not as popular as a pencil, which can be found in almost every woman’s cosmetic bag, but this tool has a number of undoubted advantages. Shadows lie softer, more carefully paint over the space between the hairs and look more natural. Shadows are also indispensable in the case when the eyebrow hairs are short enough, but the pencil will look unnatural on them. On the other hand, you can’t draw a thin line with shadows, therefore it is better for owners of thin eyebrows to give preference to a pencil, while for owners of wide eyebrows makeup with shadows is much more suitable.

How to use eyebrow shadow?

In fact, it’s as easy to paint eyebrows with shadows as it is with a pencil, just follow a few simple rules:

  1. The color of the shadows should be no more than 2-3 shades darker than the natural color of the eyebrows. Since eyebrows are most often dyed by blondes and brown-haired women, the most common eyeshadow colors are light brown and dark brown. Often they are sold in one set.
  2. To make the makeup look natural, the shadows should be matte. Shiny shadows on the eyebrows will look vulgar and unnatural.
  3. To apply shadows, a special hard brush with short hairs and a beveled edge is used.
  4. Shadows are applied to the entire surface of the eyebrow, but in the case of close-set eyes, it is better to paint over the inner edge of the eyebrow with a lighter shade. If, on the contrary, the eyes are set wide, the reverse technique is perfect – when the inner edge of the eyebrow is stained more strongly.
  5. If the shape of the eyebrows does not suit you, carry out a correction in advance, giving the eyebrows the desired shape. But do not pluck your eyebrows too much, making them too thin, because in this case you will not be able to carefully paint them with shadows.

How to paint eyebrows with shadows in stages?

In order to make up the eyebrows, you will need shadow, a brush with a beveled edge and a comb brush:

  1. Comb your brows with a brush.
  2. How to paint eyebrows with shadows step by step 1

  3. Pick up some shadows on the brush. Spread the shadows along the line you want to draw, carefully shading and painting over the space between the hairs.
  4. How to paint eyebrows with shadows in stages 2

  5. Comb your eyebrows again, removing excess paint.
  6. How to paint eyebrows with shadows in stages 3

  7. Draw a line under the eyebrow line with light shadows. This will enhance the contrast, make the look more open and expressive.
  8. How to paint eyebrows with shadows in stages 4

If desired, the shadows can be fixed with a special wax, gel or varnish to provide makeup with greater durability. Also, fixation is very useful in case of naughty hairs that do not hold the position set when combing.