How to choose blush

Blush – one of the types of decorative cosmetics, which is used to emphasize the cheekbones, shade the cheeks and correct the oval of the face, and sometimes to mask minor skin defects.

How to choose the right blush for the face?

Blush is of several types:

  • dry blush, can be loose, powdery, or in the form of special balls;
  • liquid blush on a water or gel basis;
  • cream blush.

Dry blushes are the most popular, they are the most convenient to apply, easily fit on the skin and allow you to set the desired density and shade. This blush is best for oily or oily skin, as it absorbs excess sebum and mattifies.

Liquid products are suitable for any skin type and are the most resistant, but are applied only in combination with foundation or fluid, and are not used in combination with powder. Such blush dries very quickly, and in order to properly shade them, you need some skill.

Creamy blushes are oil-based and are best suited for dry skin and are the most effective at concealing blemishes.

How to choose blush color?

Basic Rules:

  1. The shade of blush and lipstick should match.
  2. The lighter the skin, the lighter the shade of blush should be and, accordingly, vice versa – dark shades are taken for dark skin.
  3. Blush needs to be selected so that they match both the color of the skin and the color of the eyes and hair, otherwise they may look unnatural.

How to choose the right blush for hair and skin color?

Here’s what to consider:

  1. For blondes with fair skin, light pink and pink-beige colors are best suited. For darker skin, apricot and peach shades are suitable. Coral and terracotta tones will also look good. Brick and warm red colors are not suitable for this type of appearance.
  2. Brunettes shades that are a tone darker than the skin are best suited. Bronze, terracotta, chocolate, brown and peach colors look good on dark skin. With fair skin, pink-beige shades are preferred. Excessively bright and saturated colors, especially with fair skin, will look vulgar.
  3. fair-skinned brown-haired women it is worth choosing beige-pink and golden brown shades. With darker skin, it is advisable to choose a pinkish-brown range.
  4. Ginger girls, depending on the skin tone, may suit peach, beige, brown-pink, terracotta and brick tones.

How to match blush to your skin tone